Tokyo Ghoul Root A — First Impressions

Woah. What a great starting episode. Was Tokyo Ghoul always this good?


The fight scenes were superb, but this series also raises some very interesting ethical questions. Plus, it does this while actually possessing a moral compass. (Hey, I used to mostly take this for granted but then I watched Mahouka.) Are the police right in killing the ghouls? Are the ghouls right in taking the sustenance they need to live from humans? I have to agree with the “villain”: the act of taking a life amounts to evil. Yet there’s this tremendous ambiguity in all the character’s actions. This week’s villains killed 200 people, but why? Kanteki seems to think there’s a good reason. And the guy above may have participated in this, but he saved the two officers in front of him who tried to kill him. Are his logical reasons for participating unable to hold up to his own compassion?


The scene where Kanteki leaves Touka to join the villains was superb. The above shot in particular— wow. The perfect layout, with Touka leaning weakly on the tree, Kanteki’s pose suggesting his newfound strength and determination but also his old gentleness as he leaves Touka behind after tenderly carrying her. And then as Touka looks on and stumbling chases after him— wow. A perfect start to the second series.

Also those battle scenes were great.


And Touka is hot. Even while being eaten alive. Also we need a word like incest for when you’re eaten by your brother.

7 thoughts on “Tokyo Ghoul Root A — First Impressions

  1. Actually it was kind of a weak restart. At this point the story diverges from the manga and I like the twist. The technical side is money-starved though. Animation outside of the Kaneki – Ayato fight is lacking, an entire minute or so is spent on the girl disappearing in sand gusts and another one or two on buildings tumbling down slo-mo. The opening song is awful. I so hoped the continuation would improve on the visual side, oh well.

    1. How was the manga different? I’m not one to pay too much attention to the visual quality as you’ve probably realized by now…

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