Uchouten Kazoku 12 – 13 —- Over the Moon


The ending was mostly as I expected. Little brother and Yajiro save the day, everyone survives, and we go back to life as before. In a way, that’s the show’s main point: don’t get tied down by grand ambitions, but make sure to have fun and enjoy yourself. Be an idiot.

I’ll have to admit I would have enjoyed seeing the uncle get some payback, but this ending makes more sense thematically.

One thing that I didn’t understand at all though was Benten. Not to imply that I ever understood her at all, of course. But why does she suddenly decide to go back with the professor, and later show up with him at the temple? Her actions seem completely contradictory to her previous actions… which of course fits in perfectly with her character… but I still don’t get it.


Was also happy to see the human professor change his mind and toss his philosophy out the window. It’s better to live a life of contradiction than to be bound by any ideology.

Further Thoughts


These two… always making stupid plots, even to the end. Foiled by the littlest brother this time, no less. That must burn.


They’re screwed. I liked how they finally did end up getting him out of the well, too. No inner transformation or any of that crap. Just got him drunk. Shingeki no Kyojin could learn a lot from this show.


Benten in a vampire cape? Good idea, or best idea?


The best thing about this show is the scenes like this. So wacky and cluttered, filled with life and color. Nothing in this show ever looks boring.

4 thoughts on “Uchouten Kazoku 12 – 13 —- Over the Moon

  1. I liked the part where everybody momentarily forgot that a giant tiger broke down a wall and was still standing there while they debated the ethics of eating tanuki.

  2. In many ways Benten follows a similar set of beliefs to Yasaburou and other Tanuki, she doesn’t hold lofty ideals and only wishes for an interesting life. By freely moving from one group to another we can see that she was never truly part of the Friday Fellows, but remained part of the group because she found it interesting. However, during this episode she seems to see Akadama-sensei and Yasaburou as more interesting and exciting company, so moves back with the Tengu. I think Benten is somewhat attracted to Tasaburo precisely because he is so carefree – we just have to look at his ability to talk with the Friday Fellows, and even eat with them from a previous episode.

    It is an interesting example of the various folk tales, and religious beliefs that continue to play their part in Japanese culture actually.

    1. You may be right about Benten. I guess there’s one big difference between her and the tanuki though— she has no family. Kind of feel bad for her when you think of it like that.

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