Uchouten Kazoku S2 — First Impressions

It’s back and even better than I remember the first season being.

I love the new character so far. And our tanukis are already up to their tricks again. This show looks gorgeous:

My favorite moment was when these two stupid brothers showed up, and some random old lady at the hospital joined in their dance.

My friend who was watching with me didn’t even notice. This attention to detail and sense of humor is part of what makes this show so amazing.

I also discussed the Kyoto geography with my friend during the show. I didn’t realize it, but apparently he’s obsessed with this show to the point where he went on a Kyoto pilgrimage and visited all the main locations, including the well the frog lives in. Pretty amazing.

3 thoughts on “Uchouten Kazoku S2 — First Impressions

  1. Next time I go to Kyoto, I definitely need to add this along with a few others as reference points. I already did a lot of the usual shrines and temples, so why not! I’ll also pick your brain about which sites outside of Kyoto you recommend.

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