UQ Holder — First Impressions

A young vampire fights and meet cute girls.

Stories like this work much better as a manga than a TV show, in my opinion. They never end, and it feels very unsatisfactory to just stop right when it’s getting started. This is a sequel to Negima, and we never got any substantial portion of that animated. I expect the same to happen with this show. I do enjoy the manga, although so far I think Negima was better.

But as for the show itself. What a terrible color scheme. It’s hideous. And I’m slightly concerned about the production. More importantly, I thought the voice acting was terrible. I’m not the best judge of these things (I barely even speak Japanese) but it felt very hollow. Evangeline (I forget her adult name) was particularly bad, I thought. But please correct me if I’m wrong.

Otherwise, it seemed decent, albeit it’s not going to turn out great. But this was the first episode, and usually it only goes downhill from there. So I’ll stick with it but I don’t have the highest expectations.

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