Valvrave the Liberator 06 — Batgirl



> 666 / 100.

This show is so great. I wish I had been brilliant enough to write it.

Saki is hilarious. Compare her reaction to losing her humanity to Haruto’s:




She’s such an emo mecha pilot that she’s not even emo about it!

She even uses her vampire  powers to swap bodies with Haruto and build up her reputation as an idol. She’d make a fine addition to the cast of AKB0048. Plus she goes around hitting on girls in Haruto’s body. Does that count as lesbian or straight?


Haruto’s reaction is hilarious too. “Use people’s bodies.” Ahahhaha.


Shoko even turns the usual misunderstanding, jealous girlfriend trope upside down and immediately assumes it wasn’t Haruto. I think that’s part of the series charm: it knows to either play the tropes so straight it’s funny, or to turn them completely on their head.


Also, kids, don’t be like Saki. Don’t tweet and pilot mecha.

6 thoughts on “Valvrave the Liberator 06 — Batgirl

  1. I was thinking that Saki would be a nice, elegant ojou-sama and I was totally cool with shipping her and our MC. But now, I don’t know if Haruto is good enough for her….

    As Fencedude described her, she is a bisexual (well possibly) idol singer vampire mecha pilot. I could totally watch an entire show around her.

  2. As usual, every episode of KV managed to glue me to the monitor. They never ceases in making intriguing stories.

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