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So the alien space vampires accuse the students they infected of not being human. And the entire world thinks nothing of it when their previous heroes turn out to be aliens and two countries that were at war with each other join together to fight a few students in a ruined module. Right. I love Valvrave.

Since Eru-Erufu is still moping over his girlfriend everyone proceeds to get massacred.


Then Shouko finds out Haruto is immortal. Instead of the expected reaction (“Fuck yeah, how do I become an alien?!!”) she accuses him of lying to her and starts crying. Stupid girl. So naive. The more I think about it the more I want to subscribe to kingkirin’s newsletter.


Of course Shouko isn’t nearly as retarded as the stupid girl who calls her friend a monster and sells him out in order to surrender to the army she just watched massacre all her defenseless classmates. Kid, I think the point where negotiations were possible has long since passed.


This guy has the only appropriate response.


We end with Aina’s boyfriend’s tragic death. He’s immortal though(?) so I doubt he actually died, unless Valvrave doesn’t make any sense, which it doesn’t. This guy does have Marie and Eru-Erufu’s princess beat for the coolest death scene yet, regardless.

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  1. That episode… was not what I expected. Lol for screwed-up Valvrave logic. Surely ARUS and Dorssia were in cahoots – weren’t the talks with JIOR negotiations of some kind, so why did they have all those soldiers there? And how quick did ARUS and Dorssia get that alliance together? These things don’t happen in 15 minutes, surely there must be something there.

    Yeah I was wondering about Inuzuka dying as well, since the others can’t die. Maybe there’s only a certain amount of destruction they can take. I always wonder when I’m reading or watching a show with immortals, what happened if you chopped them up into little pieces and kept them separate. That would be kinda like an explosion, would only certain parts of them regrow?

    Also, that ARUS president is a bastard.

    1. There’s a theory that if the Valvrave’s engine is destroyed so is the pilot connected to it. They’re in a contract with the mech, so if the mech is destroyed, he would die to.

      1. That makes sense. Marie died without her engine exploding though, so I guess you can also die from having all your information extracted. Or did she just become a vegetable? I’m still unclear on this point.

    2. I am too lazy to dig up some old files, but as I recall, didn’t some old man got bitten by a member of Committee 101 in the past? Is it him? ARUS’ president? Everything will make sense then. Everything must have been planned even before these old men went to Module 77.

      1. It was not bitten yet, but it was, in fact, with the 101’s and dorssia in the last episode of S1, he knows about magius so, sooner or later he would’ve betrayed the JIORians, also, i think ARUS were the ones who docked the Phantom (invisible) in 77

        (and for the time skips, there is a long road to walk in VVV.)

      2. Yeah, the president became a vampire, or so I thought. Vici could be right that he’s just sucking up to them though, I don’t know for sure.

    3. The ARUS president became a space vampire. That’s why. The deal makes sense. How anyone else would buy this deal? That makes no sense at all.

  2. In the end, naivety only breeds pure tragedy. That’s how it works in Valvrave and that’s how it works in the real world.

  3. in other words. I was right all along with the long anticipation about the ending. War breeds hate and tragedy only.

    1. “War breeds hate and tragedy only.”

      I thought that was pretty obvious. Hate is part of the human condition. We’re a species destined to forever be engaged in conflict.

  4. I seriously think VVV will end with Haruto’s death. But I suppose that’s just Code Geass again. And yeah, I think their deaths have more to do with mecha destruction than body destruction.
    I really appreciated Haruto’s attempts at communication this episode. They think the ship is Jiorian. Haruto’s response? “We were gonna tell you about it I swear!”… I think that’s not the important part, bro. Could’ve also actually TALKED to Shoko instead of making these surprised noises as she accuses him of being a monster.
    VVV is also making my fujoshi heart sad. First H-Neun x X-Eins and now Sempai x Thunder …. at least there’s still Haruto x L-Elf, right? Totally canon. Haruto doesn’t like Shoko like that! Girls have cooties, amirite bud?

    1. Haha no kidding. These people are incapable of any sort of communication whatsoever. But hey, that’s anime.

      You’re right, girls have cooties. Haruto doesn’t see Shouko that way.

  5. I don’t think Inuzuka could’ve survived it. Sure, Valvrave pilots can regenerate if they are cut, stabbed or shot, but his body was completely destroyed, I don’t think there is anything left of him that could regenerate.
    Of course, since this is Valvrave we are talking about, I may be completely wrong. 😀

    1. Yeah, best not to think too hard about it. If there’s no body, they ain’t dead is the rule with Sunrise. And even if there is a body there are still cyborgs, clones, alternate universes and zombies. Hakuna matata.

  6. I thought Blue Pilot used up all his runes in one go for a spectacular kamikaze self-destruct.

    In some ways VVV has method to its madness.

    Valvrave meta-goals enjoy mimic and twist older tropes. Defy and drop all loyalties at the drop of a hat for the sake of drama? Yep, VVV went there and back again.

    Unite earth against common alien menace? That’s almost every space defense show ever… It made total sense then (not), but VVV doesn’t pretend to make sense now, just goes with it and twists it by having our ‘real bad guys’ make our heroes into that often used alien scapegoat.

    Its become a pattern for VVV, so much so it’d take time to identify all the bloody tropes it uses.. but all the space mecha drama traditionalist ideas are here and completely ridiculous, because that’s what they are when done right— VVV just doesn’t cover it up.

    Girls are stupid. Goverments are stupid. Masses are stupid. People aren’t actually that organized. All realism is thrown out the door for glorious style, and it isn’t easy to pull off successfully… but the patterns of past trope are there, used and tossed as needed.

    I feel like the Sunrise people with Mecha experience up the wazoo are crafting a very smart joke while pretending to be very stupid. Sort of like Bob Dylan, and Rodney Dangerfield. They played up very yokel characters, but it requires consistent smarts and skill to do it well.

    There’s so many ways this show could’ve gone wrong, but it remains entertaining and appealing. The reasons why and how are certainly deeper than surface value.

    1. Totally agree. Valvrave takes the tropes, patterns and themes that so many other shows rely on. The only difference is that it refuses to cover up how stupid they actually are.

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