Kill la Kill 10 — Really, Really Reckless


Now we’re getting wild. 


We even have a giant ship launching recorder missiles. This is awesome.

This week’s two battles were relatively easy for Ryuuko (although technically the second battle isn’t over yet). Her power levels are through the roof.

Guren Laggan


I’m hesitant to draw too much from Guren Laggan comparisons, since Kill la Kill is its own distinctive show and I can’t imagine the creators would do things the same way twice without significantly deviating from the formula. But there’s a lot to make one pause and wonder while comparing the two. For example, in this episode, the teacher called the bounty hunter guy and told him that Ryuuko’s uniform was evolving too fast.

Yes, suddenly sprouting rockets does seem like a rather speed evolution. At this rate we’ll be tossing galaxies around like chump change in a month.

This focus on evolution does bring Guren Laggan to mind.  I do expect that there will be a big twist once Ryuuko discovers the truth about her parents, similar to the big twist in Guren Laggan. But I find it hard to believe they would use the exact same theme about the evolutionary capabilities of humans.

New Characters


It was amusing how quickly information guy was defeated. He didn’t seem to mind much though, and just joined Mako and Gangamoori in watching from the sidelines. By the way I assume I’m not the only one who is shipping Mako and Gangamoori. This is essentially canon at this point.


The band leader girl is nuts. The dictator of kindergarten, but completely outclassed by Satsuki even as a five year old. She thinks she’s closer to Satsuki than anyone else but I doubt it. Just a power-hungry megalomaniac.

She had an interesting conversation with kindergartener-Satsuki. When Satsuki pointed to the skyscraper in response to her sandcastle, she pointed out that not one stone will be left standing on another. And Satsuki said that her castle is built in her mind instead. Is this foreshadowing for the fall of a castle built on sand?

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  1. All I can say is I loved the use of music in Nonon’s battle. It was beyond great. Other people need jiggling boobs and panty shots, my version of nosebleed-inducing fanservice is action well put in synch with classical music.

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