Samurai Flamenco 09 — Craving Entertainment



Clearly my theory that Konno was King Torture was wrong. I agree that they are quite similar though— they both crave that which is entertaining. 


Flamenco Girl also craves entertainment. When stopping the villains becomes a chore, she quits. It isn’t exciting enough.


Same with the public. They can’t even be bothered to update the website showing Samurai Flamenco’s fights. It just isn’t interesting anymore. Even Samurai Flamenco himself can no longer remember the names of the villains he defeats. The only one who pays any attention to Samurai Flamenco anymore is a little child.

King Torture’s indictment of Konno applies to the viewer as well. How many of us were hoping that something exciting would happen? I know I did. Does this make us complicit in King Torture’s evil deeds? Sure, it’s just a show, but how many of us want excitement in the real world as well?


But I really can sympathize with the characters losing interest. Monsters passing out packets of tissues is just pathetic. Hilariously so, however. The grunts even got some epic liens in:


Darn, that was an inspiring speech. I do feel bad for these grunts. They give their lives for the cause of evil, and no one even gives a damn. Samurai Flamenco can’t even remember their names. Why are they willing to sacrifice their lives for the sake of evil?


A bunch of other characters get crowning moments of awesome this episode as well. Konno resists torture on behalf of the manager after she refuses to marry him one last time. (Although it looks like he’s going to turn into a monster for the sake of entertainment now.)


Stationary guy gets to stay behind to hold off the grunts with his awesome arsenal of stationary. What a freaking boss.


And we end with Samurai Flamenco riding off gallantly into the heart of darkness to rescue a damsel in distress on his chariot of justice. Can’t wait for next week.

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