The Week in Anime, Fall 2013 #9 — Crazy Twintails is Back


Tokyo Ravens — Oooh, the crazy girl from the first episode is back! To be fair, the whole thing with resurrecting her brother was kind of dumb, but I like to see her hitting on the main guy and abusing Natsume. Yeah, I always like the crazy people. She makes the love comedy hijinks a lot more interesting.

Infinite Starts 2 — Wow, megane imouto is annoying. Not quite as worthless as Chinese girl but still.

Kyoukai no Konata — It sure looks pretty. I have no idea what’s happening.

NouKome — What, it’s over?

Walkure Romanze — Just what a medieval anime about jousting demanded— a swimsuit contest. As the post-credits scene to one of the episodes attested, this setting doesn’t make a whit of sense. It takes place with Japanese characters in Germany who appear to speak Greek and live in the modern world while studying jousting in school. Whatever, I just want to get back to animals eating girls’ skirts.


Outbreak Company — The modern SDF takes on a dragon. This show is great. It seems at first glance like generic, otaku-pandering crap, but it’s actually quite funny and does what you don’t expect. It even managed to have a good beach episode. Wow.

Log Horizon — The meeting is finally over. Thank goodness. Hopefully we’ll have some sort of conflict now that involves more than people adjusting their glasses? I can dream.

Arpeggio — That took a quick dive (sorry) to becoming serious. Good. This has been so much better since we got through that loli mad scientist arc.

Galilei Donna — What the heck is this crap. If Galileo had recited crappy poetry as much as Hozukii I would have placed him under arrest too. I have to sympathize with the Inquisition. Oh, and please let Hozukii be her own great grandmother. Please let Hozukii be her own great grandmother.

Nagi no Asukara — I definitely wasn’t expecting all the fish people to suddenly go into hibernation. I’m not sure why they can’t put it off for another hundred years or so until they actually do have difficulties surviving, but whatever, this is what brings up the big drama. Can you imagine if they actually went through with this and the rest of the series would take place millenia in the future? Now that would be depressing.

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