Valvrave the Liberator 22 — Haruto and Eru-Erufu’s Promise for their Future Together

This episode was so fabulous. All I can do is summarize it.

We start out with Haruto and Eru-Erufu moping around in their spacesuits. They have no reason left to live.


Eru-Erufu mentions that Haruto killed Shouko’s father. I’m surprised he remembered.


It’s opposite day.

Haruto and Eru-Erufu communication with their fists, man to man, mano a mano. They feel one another’s life force and come to understand each other.


Ghosts appear! Haruto and Eru-Erufu decide not to give up! Haruto’s space vampire powers can still save them!


“Especially you, Eru-Erufu.” Haruto declared as he stared into Eru-Erufu’s eyes. They were separated by two thin pieces of glass and the void of space, but Haruto had never felt closer to Eru-Erufu.



“We’ll have a four bedroom, two story house in a nice neighborhood, with two kids and a dog. We’ll name them  A-Drei, Saki, and Shouko. I’ll be a stay at home father.”


“Yes, Haruto. We have the rest of our lives together to figure things out.”


“I don’t have any secrets to keep from you, either. We’ll always tell the truth to one another.”


“But we’ll work things out… together.”


The romance of the century.


Oh, and Shouko is still a douchebag.

5 thoughts on “Valvrave the Liberator 22 — Haruto and Eru-Erufu’s Promise for their Future Together

  1. once again, my logic triumphs over shoko’s naivety. She is so stupid that she didn’t realize that she’s also a part of the entire VVV project led by Haruto’s father and possibly funded by her father.

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