Valvrave the Liberator 24 — Eru-Erufu Offers His Body to Haruto


So sexy.

It’s finally over, and I am of course very sad. Still, pretty good ending. It managed to wrap most things up. Only a few unanswered questions remain:

  • How did Haruto give birth to Eru-Erufu’s baby?
  • Why did Shouko become immortal? Wish she had died.
  • Why is humanity in the world of Valvrave so bloody stupid? Come on, you believe someone accusing some kids of being space vampires, but when you see someone come back from the dead on live TV you believe it’s doctored? Okay….


“But I thought of you as more than a friend, too, Haruto…”

I think that it makes sense to view Valvrave as a tragic romance in the line of Romeo and Juliet. Too star-crossed lovers fight to hold together despite their warring home countries, sacrificing everything, even their memories together, to find a place where they can live together in peace. Alas, they sacrificed more than they could have ever know… But their love for one another is so deep that they still fall in love again and have a baby even after one of them loses all his memories.



Dude, you are definitely an evil secret society. I don’t think you’re going to fool anyone here…


Ahahahaha. I wonder if Saki ended up with A-Drei. Seemed like there was supposed to be some love triangle? Although Saki also said she wished Haruto would lose his memories so she would have a chance against Shouko. The only one she ever needed to worry about was Eru-Erufu though…


Eru-Erufu likes to be on top.

8 thoughts on “Valvrave the Liberator 24 — Eru-Erufu Offers His Body to Haruto

    1. This show was great. I never gave a shit about anyone, except that they maximize hilarity. They fulfilled my every wish.

  1. Shoko will suffer more by living. She can’t die, and she will have to drive Haruto’s mech forever. I can see her crying herself to sleep every night thinking about her childhood friend, I can see her sniffing the seat in the cockpit just to catch a smell of him, and even if she loses some memories, there are plenty more inside the Valvrave to remind her. She will rewatch the clips Pino recorded over and over and over again and feel so bad for being a backstabbing slut who played a politician and became what she detested. She didn’t even get a good job in the empire. VVV1 is probably still the battery for the others and she has been demoted to a bust cleaner. L-elf never became immortal and he died at an old age. He dissolved into runes and his holy spirit is now flying across the vast space in embrace with his star-crossed lover Tokishima Haruto. L-elf was always the heroine of Valvrave.

    Perfect meta joke by Sunrise at the end. “It is neccesary to answer this question before you start Valvrave: Do you believe in human beings?”

    1. Ooh good point. Then may she feel guilty living on forever and ever, crying to sleep every night wishing she were in Haruto’s arms, only to be in his robot’s arms, taking care of the beautiful child he gave birth to with his one true love ERU-ERUFU.

  2. The whole series over i was only baffled about one thing: how ridiculously dumb the whole hero-gang was.

    When they all got shut up at that conference, i was totally cheering for these dumb fucks to get murdered then and there.

    Keeping the fckn ship of murderous suction right there in their “home” for example…. they never had an idea what to do with it, so why not just destroy it (at least the part that was all about sucking people dry….)?
    Nooooo….. lets instead invite a whole army of mooks in… whom have already proven to not be trustworthy back when a senator tried grabbing shit… for the purpose of… dunno. What was their plan again? I know what l-Elf plan was: save the girl, murder everyone who opposes him, get laid. (well, he did get a girl after all so i guess hes quick to get over lost loves.)
    Take on the evil secret society that controls all the important people in a propaganda slugfest?
    What if that cain dude took his obviously valvravy suit to go fck up some cities?
    What was “our heroes” gameplan here?
    “No that totally wasn’t us! That was a competent move!”

    And what with that akira girl? Spending all that time on the internet and never took a hike to TV tropes?!

    1. Lol yeah, they are all fucking retarded. If we’re going to be honest here Eru-Erufu is a “genius” only because he has what would pass for half a brain in the real world.

      But hey, as dumb as the hero gang is, their twitter followers appear to be even dumber.

  3. Is it just me or does it feel like we just watched the prelude of the actual story.

    Watching a series about Valvrave’s future, with a nation of magical immortal teenagers fighting aliens and humans would be a lot more interesting. Along with flash backs to their younger days to give context to their current personalities and how much they’ve changed over the years. That’s the only thing I could think about after the flash forward in the first season.

    1. I hope it is just a prelude! Would love to see the story about how they ended up founding the galactic empire that endured for hundreds of years, with 500 year Saki seducing little boys hundreds of years younger than her, and Shouko crying over Haruko’s tombstone for 500 years.

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