Gingitsune Review — B-


A girl lives at a shrine with her father and a guardian spirit. She makes friends.

These slice of life shows are normally not my kind of thing. I prefer war, pestilence betrayal, etc., etc. Much more entertaining.

But Gingitsune was still a pleasant show to watch. It’s different from shows like Aria in that something actually happens. It may not involve giant robots bashing each other with maces (as all shows ought), but each episode does have a conflict, be it fitting in at a new home or overcoming barriers to become friends. The conflict was enough to build a little bit of tension and keep your attention. At the same time, it’s relaxing and pleasant to watch, which I guess is the main appeal to these kinds of shows. Relaxing but not so relaxing it knocks you out.


Additionally, Gingitsune has a good sense of humor. The two fox spirits are particularly amusing to watch.They’re cute as well. Actually everything about this show is adorable.

  • Storytelling – B – Won’t blow you away, but focused, relaxing and interesting.
  • Voice – A – Peaceful vibe, with mythology coming to life.
  • Characters – B – Unique but believable characterizations. I especially like the dad.
  • Attention Grab – C – Still slow for my liking, but things at least happen.
  • Production – B – Looks good.
  • Overall – B-

Recommendations – Kamichu, Natsume Yuujinchou

3 thoughts on “Gingitsune Review — B-

  1. Gingitsune was perhaps my favourite series last season and your review pretty much sums up, why! It has been a while that I watched such a relaxing slice of life show. Gingitsune succeeded where Tamayura II failed. The characters were nothing special but very likeable. Saeki with her down-to-earth approach to everything reminded me of Choco-chan from Kuromajo-san. How cute that the red-haired guy in the last ep. fell for her! Saeki’s dad was indeed awesome being always super relaxed. I also liked Yumi and it was nice to see her character grow; she is this “bad girl with a good heart” character like Anaru in Anohana.

    1. Yeah, I normally don’t like slice of life series, but this was pretty strong. Great down to earth characters as you say.

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