Galilei Donna Review — D-


Galileo’s descendants, three sisters, fly a goldfish around the world searching for their ancestor’s cringe-inducing attempts at poetry. Galileo invents airplanes and time travel and is revealed to be an incestuous lolicon.

This was one of the most pointless shows I’ve ever seen. The middle nine episodes out of eleven could have been omitted and you would hardly know the difference. They just travel around to awful portrayals of random countries, while the evil company does evil things for no apparent reason except to be evil. Hozukii (the youngest sister) doesn’t grow at all except to learn what love is (a.k.a. she reads some bad love poems) and the two elder sisters do nothing at all. Then Hozukii time travels to meet her ancestor. This was the best part since it was so stupid that at least I could laugh at it.

Galilei Donna’s ending was plain awful. The previous nine episodes were irrelevant, and the ending didn’t make any sense if you pause to give it a moment’s thought.


Really, the only reason I’m not giving this an F is because it has mecha goldfish and air pirates. Except the pirates aren’t actually pirates, they just dress like them, the evil corporation actually just steals from itself to frame the air pirates… or something… but anyway mecha goldfish have to count for something.

  • Storytelling – F – Mostly pointless, terrible ending.
  • Voice – C – Cool ships and costumes.
  • Characters – F – The only ones who get any development are the middle sister and Hozukii. Karate girl whines a lot and wants to go home. Then the creators forget about her and she doesn’t do anything for the rest of the show. Hozukii reads love poems and learns something… I think?
  • Attention Grab – D – Totally pointless. The ending was entertainingly dumb though.
  • Production – B – Looks pretty.
  • Overall – D-

Recommendations – Monster, Xam’d, Laputa

5 thoughts on “Galilei Donna Review — D-

  1. I heard that this was written by several people. I still don’t understand why A1-Pictures hired these kind of people as the writers. They are losers. My granny can do better than them.
    Evil people do evil things just because they are evil, is quite common in low level stories. However, the final episode had made this anime into an anime with most awful evil people. I thought that they controlled the world’s energy source. They have their private army. They have powerful humanoid mechas, while pirates and government officials alike don’t have them. Yet the big boss surrendered himself, being taken by some mere cops. And then his son came out of nowhere, shot his own daddy, and allowed himself to be arrested willingly.
    What kind of idiot write such a story?

    1. Seriously, they should have hired me. At least Hozukii and Galileo could have had an electrifying experience in that lightning cloud, if you catch my drift.

      I thought having a GALILEO TRIAL was a good idea (by which I mean the name sounded funny) but yeah that was terrible. If you’re going to have a GALILEO TRIAL at least bring the pope or one of his cardinals with a funny hat! Jesus, what were these people thinking.

  2. For some reason I took a liking to Kazuki (Karate girl) and this kept me slightly interested. Perhaps for her angsty nature or just for her outfit. Too bad she had no use besides whining. Apart from that, I agree with you on this series.
    The Hozuki fanservice in the ED was somewhat surprising to me.

    1. She was definitely the cutest, but sadly was completely useless aside from whining. This entire show was wasted potential.

      I’m not sure I ever actually watched the ED…

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