Walkure Romanze — First Impressions

At the beginning of the episode, we’re introduced to a knight school where they do jousting. Lots of bishoujos and bishounens. This must be either a shoujo romance or an otome game, was my first impression.

And then a horse runs around and eats girls’ skirts.




I don’t eve know anymore… The show is effectively crap, but I kind of feel like I have to watch it just to see far their… *ahem*…. creativity… goes.

3 thoughts on “Walkure Romanze — First Impressions

  1. I know the show is stupid but I enjoyed the first episode. I think the horse was actually funny! I also loved these over-the-top scenes, like when the horse breaks through the stable barrier or how the girls end up tripping over each other. Also, good idea to do jousting with armour but short skirts!

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