What Should I Blog Next? (Summer 2015)

What should I blog next? (Summer 2015)

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I think I’ll do three this season. I’m possibly leaning towards Classroom Crisis and Aquarion Logos. No idea about the third one.

(This is all assuming I stop being ridiculously lazy and actually blog something, obviously.)

5 thoughts on “What Should I Blog Next? (Summer 2015)

  1. Classroom crisis and Gatchaman crowds would be my main choices.

    I’d wait for the rest of the 3rd episodes before choosing one of the new shows, nothing really stands out has being interesting enough atm imo.

    1. i stopped watching aoharu when glasses guy had an emotional crisis when main MC was nice to him, it’s like every offscreen anime character is an absolute dickward to make being a decent human being to be a turn on. Seriously I’d like to see the other characters in some of these world some times, i bet they’re all basically MadMax postapocalytptic psychopaths.

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