Yurika Jumps on that Train — Eleven Days of Advent and One Day of Christmas #10



He’s leaving home, never to return. Yurika agrees to stay behind— she can’t abandon her education and her family. He would never be able to support her.

She waves goodbye at the train station. The doors begin to close.

She jumps on.




“Now what?”




The stars stare silently back.

8 thoughts on “Yurika Jumps on that Train — Eleven Days of Advent and One Day of Christmas #10

    1. That wasn’t the end actually, there were three more episodes. The actual ending was even more awkward (but didn’t involve these two). I think it would have been a perfect ending though.

      1. Very good article! The only thing that could have made the end of KotS beettr, in my opinion, is if they would have done a montage of their lives after they finally got together along with the end credits. Something like:- Kaoru and Ri-chan going out on a date- Kaoru and Sen playing Jazz at an open mic night- Ritsuko working as a teacher, and being teased when her Dr. boyfriend comes to pick her up at the end of the school day.- Sen officiating Kaoru and Ritsuko’s wedding- Sen baptizing their baby- Sen teaching their kid to play the drums- Pops, now a grandpa, visiting along with Jun and Yurika and their family and an impromptu jazz session breaks out with the whole gangThat kind of closure, particularly on the Kaoru/Ritsuko front, is the only thing I felt was missing for the show.The other major critique I have of the show is the lack of character development, in particular for Kaoru. Sure, his character appears to grow as the show goes on, but in the last couple of episodes, he reverts back to the same insecure jerk he was at the beginning, only jerkier. The way he treated Ritsuko was shameful and wrong! I would have preferred to see him come out of the relationship with Sen a beettr person, not lame, injured, and lashing out at the one person who truly cares for both him and Sen! That reversion to his old habits was a major downer for me!

        1. Yeah, Sen did have a bit of a reversal towards the end. I honestly think it ended better not having Kaoru and Ritsuko get together. Sometimes these things just don’t work out…

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