Aldnoah Zero 16 — My Poop Smells Nicer Than Slaine

Thanks to Frog for this week’s title.


Poor Slaine. I feel so bad for him.


Truly the man of suffering.


Anyway, I found this episode highly amusing. Even when Inaho isn’t anywhere nearby, Inaho is the only one who can save the day and defeat the monster of the week. He just happens to be on an orbital flyby thousands of miles overhead and can get a perfect headshot from space. I laughed my ass off so hard for that scene.

But it’s not like I’m going to hold it against the show. I know the formula and I wouldn’t expect anything different. And it’s not like anyone’s watching this for the realism. We’re all just having fun hating Slaine together. Who, by the way, pulled another Suzaku and single-handedly wiped out the main earthling base. This show lolololol.


And finally, that head covering is pretty cute.

14 thoughts on “Aldnoah Zero 16 — My Poop Smells Nicer Than Slaine

  1. “You will have to bear the brunt of their jealousy and envy”

    It’s funny, because this was often a point of suffering for Tatsuya from the show I refuse to name, but Inaho is generally more similar to him than Slaine is.

    1. To me Inaho is just another Gary Stu in the line, after Kirito and Tatsuya. I guess the creators caught on what type of protagonists sell in Japan these days.

    2. Yeah haha I think the difference is that Inaho is fighting on the side of the weak while Tatsuya fought on the side of the powerful to oppress the weak.

  2. I guess this show became a parody of itself in the second cour? Even in an episode dedicated solely to characters other than Inaho nobody can do ANYTHING without Inaho’s intervention! If this is not the finest example of what the Gary Stu thing is all about then I don’t know what is! Shit got stale after the third time. I wish Mars did the goddamn colony drop already. Nothing improves a predictable show like random bloodshed, Tomino-style.

  3. Just how many innocents did he kill when he destroy the Terran’s satellite base?
    Mechanics. Operators. Programmers. etc.
    Did he think that the princess would be happy?
    Slaine, smell worse than a one week unwashed socks.

  4. Cant blame him too much tho. He did trust them Terrans until a certain somebody gave him a good backstabbing. He’s also got big plans in mind apparently. The ends justify the means ya’know?

    1. He did get backstabbed, but his end plan seems more and more stupid and not so good the more it is revealed…

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