Aldnoah Zero 21 — Slaine Betrays Everything He Supposedly Stands For


Certainly an improvement over the usual insipid anime philosophy of “You’re you, you!” This time it’s “I am you!”


The problem with Aldnoah Zero is that the fights have become so boring and so repetitive. Every time, they’re confronted with some super powerful enemy with some random gimmick. And every time, Inaho saves the day in some ridiculous way with the power of science. This time he dropped out of a plane and killed them in midair. (Actually, I feel like this is the second time he did that? I forget.)


And then he takes control of everyone’s robot and defeats the cloning guy with the power of science.

It’s just, the same exact thing happens every single time! This week actually had more variety because his sister killed one of the enemies. (Can’t let Inaho bloody his hands by killing a girl!) Come on guys. Are you even trying? It sure doesn’t seem like it.


However, the stuff with Slaine is still interesting. Princess has a lot of balls. I hope she pulls a Euphemia.


And Slaine… wow. He doesn’t give a crap. Just tosses the princesses in the slammer. I thought he would be more concerned.

But nope, Slaine wants to end war forever by wiping out all his enemies. This guy… such a moron. He’s kind of like Schneizel except Schneizel’s strategy actually would stop wars.

Here’s to Slaine losing the war and being forced to watch Inaho and the Princess’ threesome.

17 thoughts on “Aldnoah Zero 21 — Slaine Betrays Everything He Supposedly Stands For

  1. “Here’s to Slaine losing the war and being forced to watch Inaho and the Princess’ threesome.”

    I bet someone’s drawn a doujinshi of that

    1. For some reason I see that as a challenge. I am very tempted to search for that doujinshi to prove its existence.

  2. At this point, Slaine is not even care about what the princess wants and just do everything that suits him and take charge of everything as if he’s the supreme leader. This is also a vivid proof of how useless the princesses in Aldnoah series are. Well, except for that yandere purple haired princess. Do they even have any power except for giving Aldnoah activation rights to people?

    Also, Slaine is more and more becoming Inaho for the Vers army but with more emotions. And don’t forget about Inaho exhausting his Sharingan because he is using them too much to see panties of the girls and streaming porn.

    1. Yep, Purple is best girl. They don’t seem to have any power. Their dad kind of has power but he doesn’t give a crap what they think.

      Ah, that explains everything about why Inaho’s eye keeps hurting him!

    2. No wonder. The guy is streaming 16 porn at once. That’s why his processor often overloads. Ha ha ha.

      BTW, I hope that the Princess can revoke someone’s permission to use Aldnoah. That will make them not so useless. The way they are now… Meh…

      1. Yeah, it’s perplexing how Slaine can do whatever he wants with them without suffering any consequences in that respect.

          1. Yeah but she didn’t know he was the one behind it all. Now, on the other side…

          2. (also he probably got the power directly from the Emperor himself, not the Princess)

          3. Didn’t he get Aldnoah Activation from the wheel bound princess?
            It’s so funny that the giver can’t revoke it when said guy betrayed her.
            How useless.

  3. “I thought he would be more concerned.”

    I thought everyone around him would be more concerned. He has just thrown two members of the royal family into prison because it suits him! When did Slaine actually gain the necessary clout to start a coup d’état?

    And it’s obvious how this series is eager to set up another confrontation between Inaho and Slaine. That’s the only meaningful confrontation this series seems to be interested in. Even the whole princesses-thing just fizzled out in this episode as Slaine simply imprisoned both of them now without giving any shits. And yet neither Inaho and Slaine are spoiling for a fight. Slaine is busy engineering his stupid “war to end all wars” and Inaho… well, he’s showing off how awesome he is and he has turned one of his enemies into a spy, but that’s it. And this second half has been constantly hinting at how dangerous it is for Inaho to use his cyber-eye but what will happen if he uses it too much? Will he die? And how far away from “taking it too far” is he? That whole thing is so vague and rote that it feels more like a plot-device than anything else.

    1. Yep. It makes even less sense after the last episode, when all his armies immediately ditched him after the princess’ speech.

      And you were totally right about Inaho vs. Slaine as the only confrontation the series is interested in… Such a waste.

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