Cross Ange 20 + 21 + 22 — Everyone Fucks Around

I’m really enjoying this show now. Not even kidding guys.

Episode 20 Summary

Vivian and Tusk are taken prisoner by their old friends. I forget what happened last time.


Embryo tells Captain his plans to let Ange one-up her again. In bed.


Suuuure she is. Suuuure.

Captain pulls a knife on Ange. Ange says she’d never join the Radish Knighthood anyway.

Embryo pours Ange some tea. Ange insults his tea making abilities.

Embryo tells Ange to be his wife and tells her how wonderful she is. Captain is listening.

Embryo tells Ange he wants her to be the mother of a new humanity, so they would be good and peaceful like her. Uhhhh…. has this guy not been watching Ange the rest of the show? She is the bitchiest person there is.


Ange gives her answer. Truly what a good and gentle person. However, Embryo has clones or something. He makes her experience infinite pain.


Then he makes her experience infinite pleasure. Ange x Momoka lesbian sex ensues.


Meanwhile, Hilda’s been busy. Hilda talks about how she’s in love with Ange. Other girl talks about how she’s in love with Chris. Everybody cries.


Hilda begins her escape plan by mounting Tuck in bed in her underwear.


But Tuck is Ange’s knight. So he wants his first time to be with Ange. True loyalty.


Yeah sure Tuck.


That’s right!


Yeah whatever Tusk.

Commander tries to run away so she can go fuck Embryo, but Vivian stops her.


Imouto’s busy whipping people again.


Commander has been taken prisoner. Of course she has to be stripped to her underwear. It turns out she started the rebellion because Embryo took her chastity. She is unfit to lead for some reason so she puts Hilda in command.


Embryo tortures Ange some more.


Captain calls Ange an idiot for defying Embryo. Ange raises a good point.


Embryo sings some karaoke.


Ange thanks Salia for helping her escape.

Honestly… that was a pretty great episode!

Episode 21 Summary

Four people plan to invade the Empire by themselves.


Salako complains about Ange’s smell.


Ange is shot down as she escapes. Hilda and Chris fight over who will take Ange’s virginity (I think technically she’s still a virgin?).


Chris complains about how Hilda raped her and treated her like a sex toy. (FYI Hilda is supposed to be the good guy.)


Time for some lesbian kissing. Momoka’s T-shirt is wet and transparent. Ange’s ship, the only one that can save the world, sinks in the river. Ange gives zero fucks.



It turns out Chris betrayed them because 10 years ago, she only had one hair clip. So Hilda and the other girl suggested she use one braid instead of twintails. But Chris knew in her heart that TWINTAILS are love and TWINTAILS are justice, so she had to join Embryo’s side. By the way I’m not shitting you guys this is exactly what happened.


Embryo turns everyone into his zombies.


Nunally brings out her speargun to hunt some dragon. But dragon tells her that her brother killed her father.

Vivian’s lesbian mother (forget her name) notices that all the children at the orphanage have been brutally killed.


Embryo appears on the roof.


So does Tusk.


“My name is Tusk. You killed my father. Prepare to die!”

Chris kills some random side character as they retreat. Now what’s her face hates Chris.

Embryo shoots himself in the head to escape from Tusk, possesses Momoka, and takes Ange to him.


Momoka takes on Tusk with her badass sword skills. Ange screams at her loud enough so that she breaks the laws of physics as her life flashes before her eyes. Momoka gets shot in the heart, doesn’t give a fuck, stabs Embryo with a sword, then simultaneously lifts up a truck and tosses it over a cliff while running over herself and Embryo. I love this anime guys.

Embryo comes back with a scar and shoots Tusk in the back as he runs away carrying a screaming Ange.


Tusk gets back into bondage play.

As Ange flies away, there’s a big explosion. Presumably Tusk is dead. Yeah right. Somehow I doubt Momoka is dead as well. Those little children at the orphanage did come back to life after all.

Episode 22 Summary


Embryo starts up the machine. While Salia lays across his lap without her pants and he spanks her.


Embryo has big plans for his next new world.


Vivian’s lesbian mother wants to bring the dead children back to life. She tries to suck Embryo’s dick. Embryo doesn’t give a shit.


Didn’t yesterday she want to rescue Chris? Meh, whatever.

Embryo blames everyone else for wrecking the world and leaves them behind. He turns off the light of Mana and everyone starts panicking.


What’s her face finally realizes the truth.


Ange masturbates alone in Tusk’s bed.


Ange thinks about killing herself. Then she decides she can wait until after she kills Embryo.


Ange has only one regret in her life.


Ange is overjoyed to see Tusk. So she beats the shit out of him.


Then she takes his clothes off and fucks him right there on the beach.


What’s her face surrenders using a white flag.



Ange and Tusk will continue to fight for Momoka’s sake.




Told you guys!

4 thoughts on “Cross Ange 20 + 21 + 22 — Everyone Fucks Around


    I seriously considered them killing off Tusk and Momoka. I didn’t marathon, so that idea stewed for a while despite knowing the fake-death asspulls that happen. It was great watching Ange suffer through the thoughts that Tusk & Momoka died. That’s character development gold right there.

    At the time watching, I thought Tusk had a system like Embryo’s that’d clone/ressurrect him. It is never explained how he survives, and he acts like it was all planned– and death was never on the plate. It really didn’t make sense to sacrifice himself for vengeance even though it buys minimal time for Ange, when Embryo would just revive anyway.

    Still, all of this is just great. Defy conventional sappy rules while embracing some old tropes too. Our heroes actually commit and get laid! Bitch hero says fuck your plan instead of going along with order. This defiance goes against the conventional japanese conformist order that seems to permeate everywhere in their culture. Anti-hero as protagonist is very western, yet we have all those other anime tropes. Princesses, other dimensions, dragons, mecha.

    God I love this show!

    1. Yeah, you clearly haven’t watched enough Sunrise mecha anime if you thought they were actually dead. 🙂 Maybe that’s a good thing though…

      But yeah, I’m kind of shocked they committed and got laid as well. I guess Valvrave also broke that trope (and broke it by having him rape the poor girl lol).

  2. It bugs me when almost everyone in the show is female, but the most evil villain has to be male. This always happens in sci-fi anime, would like to see equality!

    1. Yeah I think the only males are the villain and Tusk. Oh and Ange’s brother but he’s also a villain.

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