Aldnoah Zero 22 — Slaine Admits He’s Just Using People


What a fucking shitbag. At least he’s finally honest with himself.


Slaine pulls off some more Spinzaku moves in this episode, individually getting into a gunfight with Inaho while leading an entire army. Also predicting all the enemy surprise attacks.


Remember last season when people were complaining that Inaho was like a robot? Well, now Inaho is actually a robot! I think Inaho’s eye might actually have a more distinctive personality though.


Oh my goodness after Slaine’s bondage play she’s really let loose and gone wild…

5 thoughts on “Aldnoah Zero 22 — Slaine Admits He’s Just Using People

  1. For a moment there I hoped the Analytical Engine was going to take over Inaho’s body and become the Final Ultimate Villain for the rest of the series. One lost chance.

    1. Wow, that would have been so much better than what actually happened.

      You know, they never did anything with the whole analytical engine thing. It helped out Inaho when he fell asleep, made him look like he was suffering, then he just took it out afterwards. So pointless…

  2. It’s been 20 episode and I really don’t buy the relation between Inaho and Asseylum.
    They have only been together for a short while and they only talked about why the sky is blue, and about birds (probably).
    Is that how love works?
    It’s fine if it’s only intended to make Slaine suffer, though. The scumbag deserves it.

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