Appare Ranma Review — C-

Car drivers race.

It’s kind of like Wacky Races except it wasn’t very wacky. The cars were equally ridiculous but they more or less forgot about the races in favor of becoming friends and fighting outlaws. I finished it and wasn’t especially bored… but what was the point?

The characters didn’t particularly grow or change, all the characters were silly without being funny, the plot was cookie cutter predictable, I feel like I will have forgotten this ever existed in a couple years. Also their grasp of American geography was sorely lacking. The episode in Death Valley made no sense to anyone who has ever been to Death Valley.

  • Storytelling – C – Serviceable.
  • Voice – C – The steamboat car was… unique…?
  • Characters – D – Boring.
  • Attention Grab – C – I finished.
  • Production – C – Looked ok.
  • Overall – C-

Recommendations – Wacky Races

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