Babylon Review — D

Suicide banzai.

This was so fucking stupid. It was just like Seikisuru Kado (also by the same author) in that it started off really intriguing with this weird setup and seemed to raise some interesting questions.

Then it quickly descended into tedium and bullshit. This one was even dumber than Seikaisuru Kado, I have to say.

Seriously— what is this guy’s problem with women? Who hurt him? I was rolling my eyes so hard every time a woman was on screen. Can’t trust those bitches. It was awful. At least in other misogynistic anime like Mahouka they mask their scorn of women in wanting to “protect” them. Here they aren’t even hiding what they really think. The only female character of any note is literally the whore of Babylon.

The politics is likewise idiotic. I find it especially amusing when they went to America. In Japan you know this guy has no idea what he’s talking about it but I don’t know enough about Japanese politics to say exactly why, on the American side it’s quite obvious to me it’s all bullshit all the way down.

  • Storytelling – D – Amazingly tedious for something so dramatic and wild.
  • Voice – B – It was unique, that’s for sure.
  • Characters – D – American president— perfect case study in awful characterization, where they seem to think they’re saying something profound. What was the point of any of this anime?
  • Attention Grab – B – It did bring my attention for the big moments but quickly lost it again.
  • Production – C – It’s fine I guess.
  • Overall – X

Recommendations – Don’t become like the author, make some friends of the opposite sex! Live your life with joy and gratitude!

One thought on “Babylon Review — D

  1. The author just can’t develop his stories beyond the basic concept. He can’t write endings either.

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