Danmachi S3 Review — C-

Bell’s new girlfriend is a little monster girl.

This show always pulls this thing where it has an interesting first episode and then gets increasingly boring as the season goes on. This season the hook was what if there were sentient, friendly monsters? An interesting question!

Which is somewhat undermined by the fact that the first one they meet is a cute monster girl. If they met the minotaur first it would have been instant death.

Anyway, the answer to this question seems to be that all of our heroes are racist, selfish murderers. The only character who has come out of this looking good is the creepy old man that I thought was the villain since the first season!!! Which would be a great twist, except the show doesn’t seem to even realize this? The characters all had a pretty clear and easy choice between good and evil, and they went with evil.

Plus, just look at how many baggage characters we’ve accumulated from the previous seasons at this point. None of them contributed much this season.

Should have made a second season of the lesbian version instead.

  • Storytelling – D – They didn’t seem to think this through…
  • Voice – C – The most unique thing is still the string.
  • Characters – C – Too many, and most of the time is spent on the most boring one (Bell).
  • Attention Grab – D – Bored me.
  • Production – B – Looks good.
  • Overall – C-

RecommendationsKonoSuba, Grimgar

2 thoughts on “Danmachi S3 Review — C-

  1. I can’t fault the story for portraying most of the adventurers as being racist against the Xenos. It’s far from unbelievable, and it’s not like I’d say I should expect that a bunch of fighters that have lived in a dungeon where literally every monster has been hostile would suddenly accept the Xenos. Of course they’re morally in the wrong, but it’s not like the series takes their side. This is just established discrimination that the people will have to learn to get over.

    That said, this is still DanMachi. So I wouldn’t say it gets its message across as well as it should. But I wouldn’t say it failed.

  2. I just finished binging the show and I loved every episode. I’m surprised that you think the later episodes of the seasons are boring. I thought the opposite. Of course, I have only watched the anime so I can’t compare to the novels or manga.

    I disagree that season 3 is just portraying racism. In the world of DanMachi, monsters have been mindless beasts that attack on sight and it’s kill or be killed. It’s been that way since the beginning of the world in DanMachi, so we are told. And suddenly, we have monsters that think and speak and feel emotion on the same level as a human? Of course they would be suspicious and distrustful. Their very livelihood is based on monster extermination. Truly, Bell is the unusual one in this scenario.

    I disagree that if the monster had been a minotaur at Bell’s feet, cowering in fear and confusion, then Bell would have killed it anyway. It wasn’t her cuteness that Bell saw, but her humanly expression of emotion that caused him to hesitate and save her.

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