Mahouka S3 Review — F-

I missed this.

The new season did not disappoint, bringing back all the greatest hits:

  • We get another year of Serious Adults trying to murder people at the high school sports festival, which features the dumbest most boring games ever invented (and I say this as someone who has played baseball)
  • The high school science festival is back, and Tatsuya must once again save it by murdering the Chinese!!! All immigrants are traitors!!!
  • Onii-sama is God
  • Bring back the aristocracy!!!!

God this was awful. Still not as awful as the Miyuki spinoff series though.

Can’t wait for the upcoming movie!!!

  • Storytelling – F – Boooring.
  • Voice – F – Somehow managed to mix up good and evil
  • Characters – F – Tatsuya and Miyuki are some of the worst characters ever made
  • Attention Grab – F – That sports festival arc was a new form of torture. And I still hadn’t recovered from the first season’s iteration. And they did it again. Fuck you Mahouka.
  • Production – C – It pays the bills but some jobs just aren’t worth it guys
  • Overall – F-

Recommendations – Don’t be racist

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