Manga I’m Reading Part I

Lately I’ve been reading manga more than I’ve been watching anime. Anime takes too long and I’m getting lazier and lazier in my old age. I find most of my manga with recommendations from @cptngarlock and @joinedforfal, so ask them, they have better taste than me.

In this series of posts I’ll go through the manga / manhwa / whatever I’m currently reading and / or happened to finish reading in the past year or so. All of these are ones that I like, I’ll leave out the ones I didn’t.

I haven’t kept track well enough to make a list of my all time favorites, unfortunately. But I recommend everything by Inio Asano, Mohiro Kitoh, and Satoshi Mizukami.

Key: Recommend, Highly Recommend, Highest Recommendation.

I’m going in alphabetical order, so please recommend any favorites I miss!


AKB49: Lolwut. A boy joins AKB48 and gets in lots of ridiculous situations. It’s so good though. The drama is ridiculously intense. It feels like every other chapter this boy is in danger of getting fired or having the whole world learn his secret. A big page turner. I read 200 chapters worth in, like… 3 days? Plus good shipping even if it doesn’t go anywhere. The boy is best girl.


Aizawa-san Zoushoku: A girl repeatedly undergoes mitosis and her body doubles all flirt with her boyfriend. This is by the author of Fujimura-kun Mates, and much in the same vein. Cute haremish story with loads and loads of tsukkomis. It’s pretty funny, although I liked Fujimura-kun Mates better.


Amentia: People fight with the power of their delusions. This one’s Korean. Lately I’ve actually liked the Korean ones better. They’re all in color and seem much fresher (at least to me, who has less experience with them). Especially the shipping, it’s much less cliched than the Japanese ones tend to be. Or, well, slightly different cliches, at the very least. This one I like for the crazy people killing each other with delusion powers. Plus it has a pretty good sense of humor.


Ane no Onaka wo Fukuramaseru no wa Boku: A brother and sister live together and do cooking. Really cute.


Arachnid: The best fighting manga I’ve read since Needless. People with absolutely ridiculous insect powers brutally murder each other. Very educational too, I’ve learned a lot about insects. Some of the best fanservice of any current manga.


Boku Dake ga Inai Machi: One of my favorite manga ever. Great thriller, lots of twists and turns, great time travel and mystery, really makes you care about the characters. See what I said about the anime. This version is even better.


Boku no Kanojo ga Majime Sugiru Shoujo Bitch na Ken: The class rep is a giant pervert. Basically this consists of the class rep making perverted jokes and her boyfriend tsukkomiing her. Right up my alley, it’s pretty funny.


Break Blade: Giant robot battles and politicking! So good. The movies are amazing too. I like the general setting, especially with how the magic and technology work. Superb characterizations and politicking. Plus excellent shipping. Can’t think of any other series that is making me root for a married couple divorcing each other so hard. Oh, and also, I love how it’s about actual adults and none of this teenager crap.


Can’t See Hear But Love: Just read this a few weeks ago. An adorable Korean one about a marriage between a blind guy and a deaf girl. Absolutely adorable. If a bit over the top in the drama department. Like Break Blade, I especially liked how it’s a love story about a couple that is already married (and has been for a while). When do you ever get to see that?


Carnivorous Princess Yegrinna: The dog princess comes to live among humans. This is a really goofy one where animals are planning to destroy the humans who have ruined the Earth but then they make friends with a human who is kind of a jerk. The animals were so cute. But mostly I loved how ridiculous the whole thing was, particularly the animal characters, but how they just ran with it while still not ever taking it too seriously. Good shipping too.


D-Frag!: Waaay better than that crappy anime. This is tsukkomi after tsukkomi. It’s about… oh, I’m not even going to attempt to explain. Really funny though. Plus good shipping (you may notice a common theme here…)


Dead Dead Demon’s Dededededestruction: Asano Inio’s latest masterpiece. It’s fucking amazing. Just go read it right now if you haven’t already. Easily the best manga currently being published.

6 thoughts on “Manga I’m Reading Part I

  1. I guess i will read Boku Dake ga Inai Machi. Anime got a tonn of hate because people did not understood it was a thriller, not a detective, and wrote it’s heavy-handed suspence as it’s biggest flaw.

    P.S. Have you read Real or Vagabond by Inoue Takehiko?

  2. Arachnid *is* very educational, I’ll give you that.

    Anyway, nice list Draggle. I really need to read more of Inio’s work.

    I’d recommend Maou-jou de Oyasumi. It’s about a princess who gets kidnapped by demons. She can’t sleep so she systematically murders the demons and uses their corpses for craft projects (like sheets and pillows.) Despite my description, it’s a lighthearted series. It can get a little repetitive, but it’s still funny and oddly cathartic.

  3. Late reply, but Dededededestruction’s pretty great, I’ll shay.

    Ohhhh, Arachnid. Between that and Kyochuu Rettou (The Archipelago of Giant Bugs), I’d pretty much given up on finding a decent buggy series that didn’t also have constant ecchi and sexualised gore – but I recently found this really nice miniseries called Mushi Hime that fits the bill!

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