Psycho Pass 2 08 – 09 — God or the Beast?

I’m far behind in everything and feeling lazy, let’s do this in stream-of-consciousness notes format.

He develops his super-evil super-secret surgery to combine 184 bodies and… PATENTS IT?!!

I guess Kamui’s Psycho Pass can’t be measured because he has seven brains, he’s like a small version of the Sibyl system itself. If the Sibyl System was able to measure its own Psycho Pass, it would definitely have to put itself down.


Same thing could be said about the Sibyl system to humans.

So Togane’s parents invented the Sibyl system…


Oh come on, just give up already.





Lol. Psycho pass… Well it’s certainly entertaining…


Not the reaction I was expecting.

Such subtlety, murdering puppies.



These people are thinking way too hard about the Sibyl system’s judgement, bringing in the omnipotence paradox and all. The fact of the matter is, Sibyl is not god and it is not perfect. However, the bible does have the perfect language to describe Sibyl. It is a demon, Babylon, the Beast, etc. See this description of the Sibyl system in the book of revelations. Sibyl’s judgement is not just, it is blasphemous. And Sibyl / Babylon has already been judged,

for [her] merchants were the magnates of the earth,
and all nations were deceived by [her] sorcery.
And in [her] was found the blood of prophets and of saints,
and of all who have been slaughtered on earth.’

Sibyl is a blasphemous murderer. It’s really not that complicated.

Lol did he just feed them brains. Oh Psycho Pass… While zebras ans giraffes are watching…

He just killed an entire mansion of illegal aliens… Well then…

Lol he stole grandma’s ear. And I like this epic opera music playing in the background while we look at this severed bloody ear.

This whole thing about people getting revenge for people lost in traffic accidents due to Sibyl fifteen years ago seems, honestly, kind of petty. Sibyl continues to intentionally murders scores of people daily, why don’t they care about that?

11 thoughts on “Psycho Pass 2 08 – 09 — God or the Beast?

  1. I feel that two of my favourite shows this season have fully embraced the batshit craziness of it all and have decided to run a fucking marathon with it (psycho pass, cross ange). It may not be entirely high brow but it certainly is entertaining.

    It reminds me of some shoji kawamori stuff from back in the day, ninja scroll/ wicked city/ cyber city oedo and i absolutely love it.

    also kudos on the bible thumping, I’m buddhist by birth and the only thing i know is that i might get reborn as a cow or something.

    1. Yep, I have to admit I like it when shows do that. Kind of like the director in the last episode of Shirobako almost did. If he’d done that I would have enjoyed that anime.

      You should read some more Buddhist things. I’m reading Journey to the West at the moment and it’s great!

  2. So much grotesque fabulousness. Just the way I like it.
    Somebody drew parallels between this story and the Book of Job. Akane is being tested by Sybil by having her precious things taken away. Even the lyrics from the opening fit. Too bad her whole division doesn’t die. That would make the similarities even more obvious.

  3. Oh, and Kamui did care. Once in episode 1 when he cried. His compassion was never shown again from that point. What were they trying to do. 8/

  4. Nah, this is an ‘enlightenment’ type series which means the conflict of ‘human’ and ‘god’ is inevitable (with ‘human’ decide for their own as good thing and ‘god’ control and decide human decision as bad), pretty clear from when they reveal Sybil as collection of brain, so comparing Sybil to ‘god’ is just the way the show re-affirming its stand…

    The series also has ‘evil’, exceptional being like Makishima and Kamui who rebel against ‘god’…

    The good isn’t ‘god’ or ‘evil’ though, again, it is the ‘human’ Akane, that has the ability to choose her own destiny…

    She might choose to follow Sybil (for now), but I always think it is so they can milk the series more (how in the world would you comply to Sybil even after you see how it works? And it is still the strangest thing in season one ending for me)…

    1. “how in the world would you comply to Sybil even after you see how it works? And it is still the strangest thing in season one ending for me”

      The series was a social commentary and a slap to the audience’s face. Didn’t you notice.

    2. I guess… what’s weird though is that there’s nothing “inevitable” about Sibyl, it’s a purely human system constructed by humans. So I guess it’s a “man vs. nature” conflict, although more along the lines of “man vs. system”.

      I suppose coming from Japan framing this as man vs. God makes more sense, but coming from a Christian background in which God is antithetically opposed to human systems it’s very confusing.

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