Robotics; Notes 22 — Vanquishing Evil with the Power of Heart Attacks


Oooh yeah! Exciting action for the finale! Let’s all press buttons together on our PSPs!


So Kai takes on the giant spider robot in the ultimate battle. Kai seems pretty clearly outmatched… but fortunately he’s able to dodge missiles by inducing heart attacks.


Unfortunately Kai needs to reboot his computer (it looks like the future is dark for operating systems). Aki goes out to block her sister in her scooter.


Fragments of her sister’s consciousness remain! Who’dda thunk it?!!


A deep, essential question to resolve the fate of the world: Do you still like robots?!!


Shut up!!! Your words have rocked my soul, sister!

Kimijima Kou dies, defeated by the power of love (of robots) and a virtual missile.


Once he dies his administrative access credentials are instantly removed from JAXA’s servers. The paperwork goes much faster that way.


Yeah, we saved the world! Woot!

My thoughts on the finale:


And the only good thing that came out of this show (besides Frau, of course):


6 thoughts on “Robotics; Notes 22 — Vanquishing Evil with the Power of Heart Attacks

  1. As much as people her ambivalent towards this series (or detested it) i actually liked this series in the beginning, granted it still had its slight problems; but i feel as the series progressed, there really wasnt a good sense of focus; the show didnt know what it wanted to be and it fell off around episode 17. In the end, the series ended with a whimper, and although its disheartening, i still liked this series a bit. My favorite episode while still be ep 14; to me that was the high-point of the series.

    1. Looking back, I liked episode 14 as well: that’s where I decided that if you treat the show as a romantic comedy it’s actually pretty good. Unfortunately, right after that they decided to ditch all the side characters and it died in a whimper, as you say. I didn’t like the beginning too much though, it took me until episode 14 to really get into it… right when it started to go downhill.

  2. During the first 4/5, this anime slapped me with a message, “Hey, even though this anime has ‘robot’ on it’s title, it’s just a slice of life, please don’t expect something like Gundam 00”
    Just when I may have accepted that, it pulled all sort of stupid stunts. Here’s another stupid plot that people rarely talk about : These terrorists can hijack airports and national space institution’s facility, reign over them, and defeat any national defence forces who tried to retake them. Yet they let a bunch of office workers slip in unnoticed, and defeated them all. Yeah, I know this is just fiction. But this young woman Nae must be stronger than Batman or Chuck Norris, to be able to achieve all that.

    1. Yep, exactly. It doesn’t make any sense that all of Japan’s infrastructure is crippled yet Kai and Akiho are able to fly back on a charter flight and take out a private army. I mean, come on.

      Personally, I’m glad this didn’t end up like Gundam 00 though…

  3. I kinda wanted to like this show at first. But in the end I just finished it for the sake of completion. Well the last few episodes were just.. messed up. The ending was horrible… just thinking about a school club that idon’tknowwhy gets help from high tech enterprises and saves the world through the power of love and friendship..
    Also this thing with the slow motion stuff.. I just don’t get it… Kai can see everything slower. That means that he gets a better reaction time. But it’s just ridiculous how their crappy stiff robot can actually dodge an attach from the spider-like, extremely fast onee-bot! Even the best reactions couldn’t make this thing move so fast!Gwaaaaawr I don’t get this show.
    Well at least i enjoyed every moment of Frau.
    Oh, and where the hell did these monopoles come from?!

    1. I kinda wanted to like this show at first. But in the end I just finished it for the sake of completion.

      Same here… and I feel even more pressured to actually watch it once I start blogging it. The only show I started blogging and then dropped was Space Bros (thank God, since that has gone on for more than 52 episodes already…)

      And yeah, I’m pretty sure that faster reaction times are not going to help you in dodging missiles (especially in a humanoid robot that moves at something like two miles per hour). Who knows where the monopoles came from…

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