Spring 2015 Anime Season Preview

As always, I did no research whatsoever. Click to view.


This season looks amazing. There’s already a number of shows I know are going to be awesome and even more that have the potential to be so.

  • High School DxD: omg omg can’t wait!
  • Sidonia: also going to be awesome!
  • Fate Stay Night, Grisaia, and Yahari Ore are also getting sequels.  I’m looking forward to Yahari. Fate Stay Night will hopefully be less boring than the last season… Grisaia… will hopefully continue being Grisaia levels of stupid.
  • Denpa Kyoushi is being animated! I enjoy this manga quite a bit. Who knows if it will translate well to anime though. I’m still scarred from what happened to Medaka Box.
  • Shokugeki no Soma is also a good manga, although I’ve fallen way behind on it. Should be entertaining.
  • Nagati Yuko is also getting her own anime! I loved the movie about her, although I wasn’t a big fan of the original Haruhi series. Let’s hope this is more in line with the movie.
  • Hibike Euphonium! should be good, if only because I’m a brass player. Let’s hope they hold their trombones correctly.
  • Also looks like there’s a good selection of other fantasy shows, vampire shows, sci-fi shows, and action shows.

I’ll be shocked if there aren’t shows I haven’t mentioned that turn out great as well. Really looking forward to this next season.

19 thoughts on “Spring 2015 Anime Season Preview

  1. You marked Ninja Slayer with “IDK”?

    It’s the people who made Kill la Kill coming back to make an anime inspired by a novel (I think, or was it a manga?) which was basically a parody of how Japan thinks that Americans see anime. Also the OST is from the guys who made that awesome Xam’D opening. It’s obviously going to be GLORIOUS.

  2. As always Draggle I admire your dedication to zero-effort hype and barely legible scrawlings. I have no idea what it says for Arslan …”Linden Why?”

    1. I thought it was “either way”, as in “it could be good or bad”. For me I think it’s firmly in the “good” field, being written by the LotGH guy and drawn and adapted to manga by Hiromu Arakawa. If they don’t screw up the anime adaptation, that is.

  3. Denpa Kyoushi is THAT good? Everyone seems so hyped about it. I was so disappointed at the author’s earlier work (Dreadnaught Girl 4946) and the synopsis sounds like wish-fulfillment otaku-glorifying bullcrap so I didn’t even touch the manga.

    1. Oh, it definitely is wish-fulfillment otaku-glorifying bullcrap but it is very entertaining. Some great shipping.

  4. Thoughts:
    – hoping for cool fights from Nanoha Vivid (I don’t actually know anything about it)
    – Dungeon ni Deai is pretty meh if you don’t mind LN cliches, shit otherwise. Source: I read volume 1.
    – there was a kyoukai no kanata movie? and there’s a second one coming on april? why

    1. Ok, was guessing Dungeon ni Deai would be shit.

      I don’t know why there’s multiple kyoukai no kanata movies either…

  5. Huh, I used to play the trombone back in primary school (when I was around 10-11), but that was when it was compulsory and I had to choose an instrument. I never pursued it later on since I was mediocre in it and it turns out I have problems with stamina and breathing. i.e I have trouble when breathing irregularly, such as for wind instruments and swimming, as well as any form of sports, my heart and lungs start to hurt.

    I always thought it was my laziness that caused my inactivity, but oh well. I try to walk everyday to compensate… what was I talking about again?

    Ah right, Trombones need more respect; they aren’t just plot devices or character traits, THEY ARE YOUR LIFE AND SOUL.

    I’ll be watching Kiniro Mosaic 2 for the fluffiness >.>

  6. No matter how many times i try to watch it, I just can’t like highschool dxd. I dont see y people like it.

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