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The Eminence in Shadow Anime Sucks Balls

I’m not going to write an individual post for every show but I had to get this off my chest.

This is one of my favorite ongoing manga so I am extremely disappointed.

The manga is a comedy. The main character is a chuuni dumbass and the entire concept of the manga is a single joke— he says some chuuni shit and then it comes true by complete coincidence and all his followers think he is a genius. He became strong because he trained to “become the nuke”. The whole thing is hilarious. The audience is laughing at the main character and his ridiculous followers the entire time. I highly recommend it.

Anyway… somehow this very obvious and not at all subtle joke, which is repeated over and over for every chapter… seems to have completely flown over the heads of everyone creating the anime. They are playing it completely straight?

I mean, you can’t help laughing when the main character wears his cape, and plays the moonlight sonata after school in the dark… But I don’t have the sense it’s intended to be funny. They seem to think he’s supposed to be cool. They even had the whole “become the nuke” monologue but then they left out the punchline and he never said he would “become the nuke”, it was left more as a dilemma bemoaning the fact he couldn’t become stronger without magic.

Going to chunk this into the bin with poor Proud Wolf who got short changed…