That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Season 2 Review — C-

The cute slime attends lots of meetings. Also, he is a war criminal.

I liked the first season, and I wanted to like this one too, but it was so boring. The last twelve or so episodes were entirely composed of meetings. There were meetings in preparation for the meetings by both sides, and then the actual meeting. Everyone competes to be the biggest suck up and brag about how amazing Rimuru is. Then he kills someone and then throw a party. What the fuck.

This show became kind of disturbing. It has this wholesome, cutesy vibe, but it’s kind of awful?!! The slime murders tons of people who are completely powerless before him and they’re just, “oh, they deserved it. He was protecting his friends.” Yeah…. how about no.

  • Storytelling – D – Not much going on and kind of pointless.
  • Voice – B – Still a cool atmosphere. Like the dragon reading manga.
  • Characters – B – Hate the ogre lady (wish she’d stayed dead) but otherwise they’re likable enough.
  • Attention Grab – D – Really slow and dull compared to the first season.
  • Production – B – Looks pretty good.
  • Overall – C-

Recommendations –  Kumo Desu ga, nani ka?, Overlord

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