Vinland Saga Review — A


Wow, this was amazing. I expected something about going to vinland and trying to farm and everyone dying over the winter. But nope.

This entire series (which I guess is just the first part of the manga) is more or less a character study of Askeladd, who doesn’t even show up in the first episode. And what a fascinating person he turns out to be.

It’s wild. Every six episodes everything is completely turned on its head. It looks gorgeous and is brutally violent, but not in a gratuitous way, it’s actually a very considerate and well thought out show.

  • Storytelling – A – Amazing.
  • Voice – A – Nothing like it.
  • Characters – A – Unbelievable.
  • Attention Grab – A – I marathoned 18 episodes in 24 hours.
  • Production – A – Looks superb.
  • Overall – A

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