When Will Ayumu Make His Move Review — C-

Two kids have obvious crushes on each other but are too chickenshit to say it. I have certainly never been in this situation before. *thinks of middle school and cries*

I wanted to like this. The characters were cute and it was very relatable. The side characters were good too— I actually liked one of the side couples better. But it didn’t have enough to keep my interest and I kept zoning out. It ended up being too repetitive. It’s hard to base an entire show around a senpai acting embarrassed. This is by the Takagi-san author and it suffers from the same problems.

  • Storytelling – D – Not the most engaging story to say the least.
  • Voice – C – Cute concept even if not very well done.
  • Characters – C – Mostly like them although the main guy is lame.
  • Attention Grab – D – Bored me.
  • Production – C – Nothing great.
  • Overall – C-


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