Another 07 — Was Anyone Hurt?

Hm… I wonder.

I thought this episode was decent, although my standards may just be dropping.

My theory from a couple weeks ago was that the main character was dead. This episode considered that possibility, and it’s still somewhat inconclusive, but it seems that he isn’t dead. I do appreciate the fact that they actually addressed this, however.


This episode managed to fulfill my wish for more Izumi.

I’m not really sure I buy her method of holding hands to determine whether someone is dead or not though.

Haha he Died

The deaths continue to be ridiculous and gratuitous in their use of blood.

I’ve been fortunate enough to never see someone’s throat slit, but I doubt the blood spurts all over the room like that. I imagine it would be quite traumatizing to witness, but I’m not sure why Kouichi and Mei were the only notes not to run out of the room. Well, whatever.

Even Izumi is in shock.

Oh, and I liked Kouichi’s dream sequence. It was the most legitimately creepy part of the show so far. It was still somewhat ridiculous, but hey, it’s better than random doll parts.

6 thoughts on “Another 07 — Was Anyone Hurt?

  1. I’m mainly fascinated by all the mysteries being presented–such as who the dead extra is, and how the calamity was stopped fifteen years ago.
    And remember Akazawa admitted that she doesn’t think holding someone’s hand would determine who the dead one is, since she felt that would be too easy. But she does feel that she knows Kouichi from before somehow. I imagine this is a big hint for something.

    1. Yeah… I’m just hoping it doesn’t turn out they were childhood friends who held friends in the playground when they were five and promised to marry each other.

  2. I somewhat disagree. I think this show is getting better and better. At first I found the many hints to mystery (Mei not being noticed by her classmates; the dolls; the deaths) somewhat convoluted. Now it seems that part of this has been a troll and I can focus my thoughts re the mystery a bit more.

    Also, I feel that animation quality has actually improved and the characters move less awkwardly than before.

    And the main improvement of course if that we get to see more of Izumi on which point I couldn’t agree more! I noticed that last picture of yours as well and found it quite funny! Izumi has this cute looking type of head which (for lack of better words) looks a bit like a rabbit’s head (Azusa from K-ON has the same). The first of your Izumi pics shows it best. Her usual stern face expression is a nice contrast to that imo. And her legs alone would make this show worth watching!

    I couldn’t believe my eyes that we get to see a beach episode in a mystery show next week!

    1. I definitely agree that it’s getting better. I don’t think I’d go so far as to say it’s “good” yet, but it’s definitely improved over the first few episodes.

      That’s a good description of Izumi’s head, like a rabbit.

      There’s lots of potential for ridiculous deaths at the beach. Eaten by sharks? Stung by jelly fish? Raped by an octopus? The anticipation is killing me.

  3. I wish it would focus more on “find the mole” and relationships/staying alive, with the mystery unraveling at the time. It’s a bit all over the place right now. If it was more focused, it could be great. Particularly enjoyed last episode.

    1. I’m not sure a lack of focus is the problem. I think it’s more a problem of delivery. They just don’t know the difference between legitimately scary and ridiculous.

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