Mirai Nikki 19 — Badass Yukki

Yukki was not his usual whiny self this episode. It was refreshing to see him taking charge for once (even if he was following Yuno’s script). The way he shows up at the last minute with him and Yuno all over each other and that cool guy jacket was amusing.

I don’t think Yuno’s script really helped much…

I did feel (and I recall feeling the same way in the manga) that the battle together with Eighth came out of nowhere. They skipped a lot in between, and I felt disoriented when we reached that point. It would have helped to include Yukki allying with Eighth, so we could feel that he actually betrayed her.

City Council

A master politician, he has mastered the art of crying on demand.

I’m kind of curious how city councils work in Japan now. The city council in this city seems to be serious business. They even meet in that huge auditorium with their own desks and have factions.

I went to my city’s town hall meeting once when I was in middle school. My city was fairly large (around a million people). The city council sat at a folding table in the front of the room, and the audience (about fifty people, most were kids like me) sat on folding chairs in the rear. I remember it being really boring without any controversy, and I think they met only once or twice a month. Much less theatrics than Mirai Nikki’s city council.


That squirrel! Yes!

*SHIP SHIP SHIP SHIP SHIP* If I had one big complaint about the TV adaptation of Mirai Nikki, it’s that they completely tossed out the relationship between these two (when they didn’t turn it into a joke). I don’t get it. Their relationship was one of the main selling points of the manga for me. Why ignore it?

For jreding

That’s reassuring.

I’m sorry for your loss. I’m even more sorry that your loss was censored.

6 thoughts on “Mirai Nikki 19 — Badass Yukki

  1. I laughed when I saw Yuki and Yuno’s new outfits. It’s amazing how every time a character in any series goes through a good personality change, their clothes become cooler too.

  2. Weep. Yeah, I feel so sorry for poor Rin. Yukiteru turned from a wimp into a f***ing murderer. He is no less delusional than Yuno. I hope he dies a gruesome death.

    Minene’s biking outfit was very cool. The whole thing is basically focussed on her crotch: http://bit.ly/x1ykcH . It reminds me of the outfits of Nadine and the girls in the ED in Penguindrum.

    I’m curious about the further revelations re Yuno. I don’t understand, though, why it matters to Yukki what her real identity is. I mean, he isn’t with her b/c her name’s Gasai Yuno but b/c she constantly saves him.

    Re Yuno, it came to my mind lately that she might have planned from the start to use this game for suicide by proxy.

    1. I’d say that pretty much anything Minene wears looks cool. 🙂 I have to say I preferred the hoodie with the squirrel though.

      If I remember correctly, Yukki has a moment of ultimate badassery coming up based on your exact point.

  3. WaAaait… where did you see a version of the show where the Yuki script showed up in English? Or did you edit that yourself?

    Even funimation has all the text in Japanese in every version…. even the dub…

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