Last Exile: Fam, the Silver Wing 16 — Fam is an Idiot

Fam… how do you expect to win a battle without weapons?

Fortunately Fam gains a bit of intelligence before the battle starts, and takes a weapon with her. But she refuses to fire at the critical moment, and one of her allies dies. Does this cause Fam any remorse? Not at all. She decides to drop her weapon right at that instant. She runs back, grabs her grappling hook, and decides to steal the enemy flagship in the middle of the battle without any weapons.

Ok, Fam.

In the high point of the episode, Fam’s strategy is completely ineffective. Fortunately someone on the other side comes over to Augusta, and the battle is won.

In a comparable feat of obliviousness, Augusta isn’t even aware she is in the middle of a battle until it’s over.

What is the Point?

Aside from acting like an idiot, Fam (and our other main characters) take the sidelines for this episode in favor of two childhood friends from Ades. The story between them was ok… but really, I just don’t get why they’re focusing on these two. It kind of feels like we’re just killing time until the final battle now. Before we fight Luscinia we have to face the mid-boss. Except it’s not even “us” (Fam, Giselle, and Millia) facing the mid-boss, it’s someone else’s army.

I just feel like there are a million better things we could be spending our time on. Like Giselle and Dian yuri hijinks.

4 thoughts on “Last Exile: Fam, the Silver Wing 16 — Fam is an Idiot

  1. Yesterday I had the best anime-watching evening in a long while w/ 6 episodes all which I found awesome (this one, Mirai Nikki, Another, Nisemonogatari, Brave-10, Pirates).

    > I just feel like there are a million better things we could be spending our time on. Like Giselle and Dian yuri hijinks.

    I agree somewhat, but it is just proof that the bar is set quite high in this show! I’m also more into the yuri part but I found that battle pretty impressive. I think it adds to the epicness of the whole story if the show can afford to switch to some side characters for a while (like LotR does a lot). Now looking forward to Alvis!

    Do you happen to have played Valkyria Chronicles? It’s the only video game I ever completed and I just loved it. I sometimes heard from old people that WW II was not a bad time for them b/c they didn’t have to work, didn’t fight much either, travelled to far-away places and had lots of time at hand. I’m not sure if this is representative but I think (retro-styled) war anime convey a very special feeling of adventure/ freedom combined with a bit of melancholy and loss.

    Btw, I just noticed from your first pictures that Fam and Giselle actually wear skirts for the fight. Rather impractical, I’d guess, but very cute!

    1. Brave-10 is getting good? I fell behind, although not because I disliked it…

      I have played Valkyria Chronicles, I also completed it, great game. There’s certainly a kind of romance involved in going off to war. If you’ve read Catch-22, the description you gave sounds a lot like what happens in that book.

      And yes, excellent fashion sense! I’m not sure it would be that impractical, since they have some socks or pants that look pretty warm underneath, and spend battles sitting down in their vanship.

      1. Re Brave-10:

        If you’ve seen the first eps than you’ll find that not much has changed. They simply keep adding heroes (mostly bishies). I usually wouldn’t like this so much but this show has lots of well-animated action, is funny and undemanding and I find the pacing almost perfect. It just flies by and I feel entertained. The OP and ED songs are great. Oh and I love the awesome patterns in the background of the ED!

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