Another 08 — Another Beach Episode

Sorry guys, I didn’t have time to write much about this episode because I was busy making animated gifs of Izumi throwing marine life around.


Sea Cucumber


Ok, fine, I’m not that sorry. Have some more Izumi pictures! She is stealing the show.

Not Izumi

I never thought I would say this in a million years, but starting off with such ridiculous deaths actually kind of paid off in this episode. Now that we’re expecting to see death around every turn, the creators are using this to toy with us.

Case in point: the opening blood splatter, which turns out to be a watermelon. They made it out to be a blood splatter. If you think about it for half a second, you’d think “of course it’s just a watermelon, they’re at the beach.” But then you’d second guess yourself. “Well, this is Another after all… it probably is a person.” The sheer ridiculousness has enabled us to see death around every corner (albeit not to fear it).

Next, there was the scene where they drove past the truck. The camera zooms in on the truck, the creepy music indicating someone’s pending death plays, the whole shebang. And then: nothing happens. That was the most surprising part of Another yet.

At the end, a sudden gust blows the beach ball into the ocean. The music kicks up, and you know: this guy is going to die. Everyone watches from shore, their tension mounting. The boy disappears from sight. He’s a goner. The boys rush out to sea to save him. Oh wait. He was just joking around underwater.

Oh crap. Now he’s not lifting his head from above the water. Oh wait, he’s fine. Oh crap, he just got chopped into bits by a power boat. It’s no less ridiculous than before, but it does keep you guessing.

Another thing that helped was that the music wasn’t so out of place this episode, for the most part. While they played on the beach, the music left a sense of foreboding, but it was in the background and not enough to overpower everything else.

All in all, I was quite impressed with this episode, especially considering the fact that it was a beach episode, which usually indicates we’re in for something awful. The activities on the beach were fairly creative and interesting, although this may just be my Izumi goggles speaking.

The biggest mystery from this episode was why anyone would go to the beach without bringing a swimsuit.

6 thoughts on “Another 08 — Another Beach Episode

  1. Actually, Izumi has a tad too much chest for my taste but this sure is subjective. Apart from that I obviously agree with you re Izumi’s increased screen presence.

    From your choice of picture I particularly like the third one from below. Oh, and here something seems to have odd with one of her most attractive features: !

    I also noticed the BGM giving the beach episode a tad of uneasiness (like going to the beach on a still sunny bad already a bit clouded and chilly day in late summer). The scene with the truck strongly reminded me of the second part of an imo excellent French movie titled “À ma soeur”: .

    Mei also becomes more moe by the day. I could have told beforehand that she would wear a school mizugi.

    Btw, recently I remembered that Mei lost her eye due to a tumor when she was young. She must have watched too many 360p rips from Nico and incurred eye cancer. First time in anime history that a show is making reference to fansubs?

    1. Actually, I’d agree that her chest is just a *bit* too big. But it’s not too much to be off-putting for me. Especially in anime, where enormous mountains of fat the size of cantaloupes are seen as attractive. (e.g., Sena from Haganai, everyone but the lolis from Sora no Otoshimono)

      Her legs do seem rather short in that screenshot… I haven’t seen that movie, but I might have to look into it now.

      And yeah, Mei is pretty cute too. I know Izumi is going to get shafted for her, but I can’t really bring myself to dislike her.

  2. Best death of this series! Just kidding! It was very very lame…I mean I wanted something like sharks eating his face with everyone staring.

    Greatest Another Gifs ever <3

    1. Yeah, the death was not as ridiculous as usual. I did like the way they lead up to it this time, though.

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