Inu X Boku SS 08 — Love is in the Air

And it smells like sleeping gas.

Souichiro and Ririchiyo’s relationship is fine, I can’t say I dislike it. But I can’t say it particularly grabs me either. It’s definitely one of the least interesting aspects of the series, as opposed to the weekly costume contest and everything involving Karuta. I’m much more interested in Karuta and Watanuki’s relationship than Souichiro and Ririchiyo’s.

As an example, consider this scene:

It’s too over the top to take seriously. He made a perfect catch, his hand should be fine. Yet we’re wasting time acting lovey-dovey and worrying about it. The time they spend focusing on this relationship leads to the show’s most boring segments.


They got my hopes up when they started with a shot of Ririchiyo in a lab coat in glasses. Unfortunately that lasted all of five seconds.

We also had another brief shot of Ririchiyo in her gym jacket. I’m not particularly fond of this. Also, I can’t imagine those socks are part of the uniform.

Karuta and everyone else wore the normal school uniform. She’ll eat anywhere.

As for new costumes, we have this new dress, blouse and jacket. Nothing too special.

We also have Ririchiyo’s lab coat without pants, if you want to count that as new. But I prefer the lab coat with the school uniform.

Although I could get behind this if she wore glasses…

Final Thoughts

These two only appeared briefly, but it was hilarious how they talked about breasts together. An unholy alliance is forming…


4 thoughts on “Inu X Boku SS 08 — Love is in the Air

  1. I’m also a bit tired of the dynamic between Souichiro and Ririchiyo. The over-the-top subservient attitude is… getting kind of frustrating to watch. Admittedly, the two are progressing, but really slowly.

    The side characters are much more interesting right now for sure. <3 Nobara and Karuta!

    1. I’m torn between Nobara and Karuta and Watanuki and Karuta. They should just drop the romance angle and make this a straight-up harem with Karuta as the lead character and Ririchiyo as another haremette.

  2. The relationship between Shouichiro and Ririchiyo is rather disappointing, I hope whatever secret he’s keeping turns out to be something big just so that there’s some drama between them.

    I quite like Ririchiyo in her lab coat and undies, it’s so refreshingly unique.

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