Araburu Kisetsu no Otome-domo yo Review — B+

Girls experience their first loves.

I loved this. Tons of drama, lots of twists and turns, so many feelings, but throughout very respectful of all the characters even if they can be such little shits to each other.

It very rarely went where I expected. For example, the teacher, who in the first episode announced to the class he had no interest in high school girls, actually had no interest in high school girls. I was shocked at least.

I was disappointed in the ending. It wrapped most things up, but was a bit silly and I felt that it trivialized some of the previous conflicts.

Overall, great exploration of girls undergoing their sexual awakening. I feel like we see this topic much more often for boys which is a shame.

  • Storytelling – B – Engaging and entertaining.
  • Voice – A – Liked the art style and loved the subject matter.
  • Characters – A – They were all great.
  • Attention Grab – A – Kept me engaged throughout.
  • Production – B – Looked fine, nice art style.
  • Overall – B+

RecommendationsShimoneta, Love Lab

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