Brynhildr in the Darkness — First Impressions


A boy has a tragic childhood. He meets a witch and wants to look at her armpits.

This is kind of stupid but I still like it. It has magitech, prophecies, astronomy, and sexy armpits, what’s not to like?


But yeah, kind of stupid. The classy parts are out of place compared to say, Daimidaler, too. I hope the main character doesn’t spend the entire show feeling sorry for himself over this girl who died ten years ago. Although I imagine this is the same girl, she just had surgery to remove her moles or had her soul implanted into a homunculus or some dumb anime thing like that.


Decent sense of humor too. And decent promise for a relationship between the two main characters as well. It’s always best when they start off on the wrong foot. Need a sense of improvement to make things compelling.

But so much fantasy this season! I am happy! Yay yay yay!

7 thoughts on “Brynhildr in the Darkness — First Impressions

  1. You seem to be really happy ushering in the new season of anime, I don’t even know where to begin at the moment with all the titles :D!

    Regarding this show, I hope they won’t rush the ending like the did with Elfen Lied -same author, same number of episode apparently- as the manga is still ongoing. I wonder how gory this sow will be, hmmm…

    1. I am happy! Such a great season!

      I haven’t seen Elfen Lied. Watched the first episode and it was too much for me. Hope it doesn’t become too gory.

      1. Well I don’t think you’re missing out too much with Elfen Lied, it was a bit too misanthropic for me (in my opinion). Brynhildr…probably a little less so, I’ve read the manga. I think it’s ‘gore’ will probably be very dependent on the viewers, you’ll probably see some of it in the next episode 😛

        1. Excellent, I will look forward to the next episode then! I don’t mind some amount of gore (loved Higurashi, for example)

  2. If you try Elfen Lied again watch the last 2 episodes first. That’s what I did and the drama convinced me to endure the boring beginning. I read Brynhildr until about a year ago when I realized the series was moving way too slowly for me.

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