BUDDYCUM 13 — Acception

Wonder if they realize acception isn’t a word?


We start out with Bizon raping Hina again by drugging her up. Of course Aoba and Dio aren’t allowed to Buddy so they wait an entire five seconds into the battle before Buddying. The scientists use all their analytical powers to detect that there’s something constrained about the enemy’s coupling. That’s right. It’s non-consensual! Only a horrible abuse of technology would allow such a thing. What kind of self-respecting scientist would create technology to kill millions of people, without ensuring that the soldiers consented to the partners they work with?!! And no, silence is not consent.


Upon realizing this, Aoba goes and asks Hina to couple with him instead. Upon seeing his wavy hair when he takes his helmet off, Hina immediately consents. Easy choice. Aoba’s hot.


Their sex Coupling is so great that it creates a wormhole through time. Hina feels like she is a five year old girl again. Aoba likes it that way. Hina goes into the wormhole to rescue the Aoba of the past. Aoba realizes from Trans-AMing that Hina has been traveling the same cycle through time for millenia… or something. (This time travel thing was so dumb that I don’t want to even attempt to think about it, I will just get stupider.)


Aoba and Dio BUDDYCUM™ together into the wormhole to defeat Bizon and rescue Hina.

A masked man in a wheelchair appears.

See you next season! (or not)


This show is entertaining, but sometimes when watching it I wish I didn’t think either.

12 thoughts on “BUDDYCUM 13 — Acception

  1. We will have to see the BD Sales now. 2nd season might never be made, but I am fine with how it ended. This anime was never about war and political affair to begin with. It’s about the bisexual life of a guy named Watase Aoba. Seeing how he obtained both Hina and Dio in both arms, what will happen later is no longer important.

    1. LOL pretty much. I don’t particularly care if this one gets a second season. It doesn’t even approach the genius of Valvrave, that’s for sure.

    1. Well, it’s not the same Hina going through a cycle forever like in Madoka. There’s n Hina’s lined up in the multiverse, and each one goes back in time to bring a different Aoba to a different future. I think? I guess there has to be some first Hina who came back for a reason unrelated to Aoba, since clearly the circle doesn’t close as this world’s Hina didn’t come back. Unless this was never when she went back in time all along and she’ll go back at a different time in the future instead.

  2. “CONNECT HINAAAA!!!!!! CONNECT HINAAAAAA” *rolls head spasmodically

    then i became the worst dictator the world has ever seen..

  3. Well, as long as a Japanese high schooler from the past got laid, all that death and suffering was worthwhile.

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