Captain Earth — First Impressions


Holy shit so fucking good. This is why I watch anime.

Giant robots launched into outer space by rockets! Mysterious enemies intent on destroying the Earth from the moon. (fuck the moon. no seriously.) Politicking between some who want to fight the invaders and some who want to feel Earth on an ark (presumably). A boy with a mysterious past. A girl awakened from her sleep in a floating cocoon. A father who died fighting the alien invasion.


Even more shocking, characters who aren’t deathly afraid of the opposite sex!

I watch a lot of anime now. But Bones mecha shows like Rahxephon and Eureka Seven are really what got me into anime in the first place. (Well, OK, and Code Geass. OK, mostly Code Geass.) But the point is, OMG THIS IS AWESOME CAN’T WAIT. Will be blogging this unless other shows are so good this is the best anime season in the history of the world.

13 thoughts on “Captain Earth — First Impressions

  1. But Bones mecha shows like Rahxephon and Eureka Seven are really what got me into anime in the first place.

    You mean Rahsnorephony and Barfeka Seven, right? Because the Bones mecha shows I saw were pretty damn terrible.

      1. Tried rewatching E7 earlier and it’s held up even less than when I first saw it. After the first 2-3 episodes, it’s just the Gekko crew goofing around, not doing anything plot-related or interesting for more than ten episodes. Gave up after the Talho episode where she takes Renton shopping and gets into conflicts with a buncha idiots. Yawn! More plot please.

  2. THIS. Yes, I am a mostly hidden invisible reader, especially when it comes to blogs.
    I wanted to retry anime, since the last seasons kinda shocked me except 1-2 good ones (well, imo..).
    So I found your blog. I have to say this season, especially Captain Earth for now, got me into it again. God, I loved the scenes, the animation and wow – I even don’t find any character annoying yet in this anime. I’ll keep reading your blog.

    Good work!

    1. Welcome, and thanks for coming! I’m so excited for Captain Earth too. Should be continuing to blog it. 🙂

  3. I think…this is the best pilot episode of the season so far :D. Reminded me of Star Driver + Evangelion + Eureka Seven, sign me up!

  4. somebody make this anime a tragic one. The concept of calling humans as an energy source or food is downright shocking. So the whole show must be destroyed and be sent to an early grave into an eternity into the underworld.

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