Mahouka — First Impressions


Kids train in a magic academy.

Off to an excellent start! The characters appear to have some depth to them, and there’s enough mystery about who these people are and what they’re hiding that I’m compelled to keep watching. Also it has magic. Magic is cool.


The conflict between the Blooms and Weeds makes things interesting as well. It’s rare to have an anime about people who seem to legitimately hate each other and don’t even bother trying to hide it.

On the worrisome side, the names “Blooms” and “Weeds” are fucking retarded. Also, it takes place in a school. Why does every anime have to take place in a school. It’s especially frustrating in a fantasy show. Even in their wildest fantasies anime creators can’t seem to imagine a world that doesn’t revolve around going to school. Seriously. No one wants to go to school in real life, why would anyone create a fantasy world revolving around going to school. Ugh.

Oh, also, there’s some incest. The girl is in love with her brother. It’s currently at tolerable levels though since the brother treats it as a joke (which he should).

16 thoughts on “Mahouka — First Impressions

  1. They skipped World War Three so they could get to the dumb Japanese Hogwarts shenanigans. Sometimes anime just doesn’t have its priorities together.

  2. Anime’s are so often held in schools because it is a place everyone can relate to, and mentally insert themselves into the story. So many of your potential customers are currently in school, although I’m not sure how much they want to be reminded of that.

    1. I disagree. The majority of your potential customers are the ones with money, which is more likely the single male 18-25. I’d say the stories with characters who aren’t in high school already have a head start for being more interesting considering the current ratio of high school/non-high school shows.

      “The conflict between the Blooms and Weeds makes things interesting as well”
      The word I would have used was contrived. I’m only read the first few chapters, but that thing right there is the one that made the least sense. Yea, you’re Course 2, but you’re still in bloody 1st High School, which automatically makes you better than all the students in the other 8 High Schools. It’s like the rich kids in Harvard making fun of the not so rich kids in Harvard. I know it happens, but it’s equally freaking stupid

      1. Yeah, it’s definitely contrived, no argument there. But at least there’s some conflict with relatively deep-seated feelings unlike many shows.

        I think Seth may be onto something with the idea that anyone can insert themself into a school and related though.

  3. So much to say about the 1st ep, and not all of it is any good from my side :(.

    – When I saw WW3 with magic I was hooked, but then SCHOOL. WHY.
    – When I saw the map of their world, I thought Code Geass (yeah!). When they went to school, I still thought Code Geass. But it unfolded to be more of a IS + Freezing combo. *Sigh*
    – Incest tones, no comment.
    – The interactions between all of the characters, not sure why and not sure if its the VA’s, but are incredibly wooden and just lacks emotion in general. It was very hard to because of this, hope this improves.

    Note: Don’t know if coincidence or not, but OP sequence for this show -nearing the end of it- had a character that very strongly resembles Suzaku from Code Geass. Don’t know if I should feel positive on that…?

    1. Lol completely agree with regards to WW3 and the incest tones. It’s certainly no Code Geass, but I don’t see it as being to the level of IS and Freezing either. It seems to be focused on the story, not simply cute girls in various levels of undress. I thought the interactions with the male lead were a bit wooden, but had attributed it to his personality. Will have to look more closely at the interactions between them next time.

      Lol Suzaku. I hated his guts so much but that’s what made him a great character.

      1. Ah, I meant it ‘reminded’ me of it, we don’t know what level it would be yet although the ‘not simply cute girls in various levels of undress’ is a big, big relief. It isn’t Code Geass, but what I meant previously was the map kinda reminded me of Code Geass, so I was hoping that perhaps it would play out a bit like that. You know, war, politics, more war that kind of stuff, not school life. As for the interactions, it was just something I had a hard time getting into, they’ll probably be better the following episodes.

        1. Ah, makes sense! I hope you’re right, war and politics is much more interesting than school life.

  4. I have seen many things that I won’t tolerate. And I will not tolerate artificial magicians attempting to play God. Artificial magicians as in people using technology to replicate magic without the common use of Mana. Artificial magicians shouldn’t exist in the first place. Also, I have confirm that Miyuki is a whore who attempts to seduce her emotionless brother to pull an incest. I thought she was a babe but then again, she really is a whore if she really loves her brother.

    1. Well if she loved her brother and other men then she would be a whore. If she just loves her brother and only her brother then I don’t she’s a whore.

      1. But incest is still incest which makes her disgusting! Incest is a perversion against the will of God just as using science to replicate magic is a perversion putting humans in God’s place!

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