Cross Ange 05 — Ange Gets a Man



Ange wakes up naked and tied to a guy’s bed with his arms around her.


He trips and falls into her crotch. Ange breaks free and runs away.


She discovers her mecha has been sabotaged by Red’s underwear being stuffed in the engines. What a nefarious plot!


The guy comes out chasing Ange. She pulls her gun on him.


He trips and falls again. Ange ties him up and flees.


Then she’s bitten by a snake in the jungle.


She cries out for someone to help her.


The boy breaks free and sucks the venom out of Ange’s crotch.


He brings her to his bed, takes all her clothes off, and wipes down all of her body with a towel.



He asks her not to punch, shoot or tie him up anymore, and suggests Ange wears clothes the next time she goes into the rainforest.

Then there is a romantic, cheesy song montage as Ange fails at cooking, they do things in the woods together, etc.


During the montage, things are reversed.


Ange peeks on him naked in the bath.



He uses the corniest pickup line ever.

It looks like it would have succeeded, but at that moment, a dragon flies overhead and there’s a battle. The baby dragon tries to kill them. Ange holds it off with her knife while the boy repairs her mecha.


Her mecha saves her, and then Ange brutally finishes it off.


Ange orgasms from killing the dragon and begins massaging her breasts.

Ange decides to go back to her prison for some reason. Because it’s the only place she belongs. Apparently. Being raped and killed by her new friends there.




His next pick-up line isn’t as successful.

Then the boy flies off on his own mecha. Apparently Ange’s boss killed his parents. Or something.


Well, like I’ve said many times before, Cross Ange is some fucked up shit, but no one could possibly accuse it of being boring. I do find the show very entertaining.

It could be interesting thematically as well, with the whole idea of the prosperous society of magic users being built on the backs of the Norma. Some obvious analogues to our own world and it would be interesting to explore this more. However, all of this is completely overshadowed by Ange being raped every episode, so…

Next week the maid arrives at the base so hopefully we’re beginning to get out of the story arc where Ange is just an asshole to everyone.

2 thoughts on “Cross Ange 05 — Ange Gets a Man

  1. Don’t understand her bloody freakout after slaying the dragon.
    Also, didn’t they clearly state that only FEMALES can be a Norma during the 1st episode?

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