Dance with Devils Review — C+


An anime musical!

I love musicals so obviously I am totally on board for a musical anime. Sadly the delivery this time left much to be desired. Aside from the first episode (the best episode of the entire series) there was only one full blown song per episode. And the music wasn’t the greatest…

Dance with Devils is additionally crippled by the reverse harem format. It actually does have the outlines of a solid story (albeit a common one)— it’s basically Romeo and Juliet but with magic. (And nowhere near as bad as Romeo x Juliet the anime…) Sadly the first half of the show is wasted on haremettes of the week who each get their own episode and attempt to rape the heroine.


Oh, I should mention that this show is disturbingly rapey. The best parts of the show are when they focus on the brother, Rem and Azuna (all the non-rapist characters) which makes it all the more frustrating how the show spent half of its time on these other assholes. The main character is also pretty okay, she is not the typical submissive heroine but actually has a lot of guts.

The show has its flaws but I have to give it credit for delivering an anime musical.

Rating: C+
Recommendations: Show by Rock

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