Devil Survivor 2 The Animation — First Impressions


I wasn’t expecting much from this, but we’re actually off to a pretty good start here. As someone who’s played the game, which will inevitably lead to spoilers, I’m probably not going to blog this. But I think the story of Devil Survivor lends itself better to anime than Persona 4, as there’s a single, continuous narrative rather than all the social link stuff. 

Devil Survivor 2 isn’t revolutionary by any means, but it’s solid and engaging storytelling. My main beef with the game is that all the females have such enormous mounds of fat attached to their chests; but I suppose this is a relatively minor complaint, all things considered.


If you’re wondering why they skipped straight to Devil Survivor 2 and passed over the first game, I would imagine it’s because Yuzu is so annoying. Trust me, we’re better off never having her animated.

Also, correct me if I’m wrong (it’s been a while since I played this) but wasn’t Daichi’s truck driving a lot more badass in the original? I seem to remember him driving off a bridge and dive bombing the thing. Also, I thought he knew about his death from the phone site and so jumped out of the truck in time on his own instead of getting carried by a Pixie.

4 thoughts on “Devil Survivor 2 The Animation — First Impressions

  1. I remember hearing a lot of people compare the story of this series to that of Evangelion. I’m wondering if we’ll be hearing a lot more of those comparisons, now that it’s getting animated.

    1. Yeah, at a high level Evangelion’s plot is a ripoff of SMT. The approach and the focus are quite different though.

  2. Let’s hope so. The character doesn’t seem bland (from what I heard is that he’s more of a goof than he is Mr. Cool Swag Protag) and I kind of was okay with the characters despite the female character designs with breasts with questionable gravity physics.

    I just noticed myself that they are more demon-reliant/demon-centric here than they were in the game. In the games I know that the Survivors are also in the action themselves having their own set of skills and magics and all, and I thought since watching I’d see them pick up some silly weapon and whack the demons to like them. Iunno… what weapons do they even use to fend off other demons in the game?

    Overall, I just hope they stayed faithful to the entirety of the game. I do wonder what the ending they will choose. Most likely the Best/Liberator/Triumphant ending.

    1. Well in the game the main character didn’t have much of a personality at all. He’s a self insert character who never really talks much, a la other SMT games such as Persona. In the Persona 4 adaptation they gave a great job giving the main character an awesome personality even though he had none whatsoever in the game. Best part of that adaptation by far. I hope they do the same thing here but so far we haven’t seen much evidence of a strong personality.

      Yeah, some of the female breast sizes are disgusting. On the bright side, this shouldn’t be the type of show where we have to see them take their clothes off.

      I was wondering that same thing: in the games the characters could use attacks and magic too. It could just be that they haven’t learned any yet. I’d be fine with it if they didn’t fight though, seeing the demons fight is cooler anyway and frankly makes more sense.

      I can’t see them picking any ending but the best one either. Hopefully they’ll give some hints as to the other possibilities though.

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