Majestic Prince — First Impressions


Kids fight aliens with giant robots.

Robots are cool. Majestic Prince is not. The setup is heavy-handed if not downright bizarre. Our team of students has been recruited to enter their first battle and fight the alien invaders. The commander sits across from them on the train to the battlefield, and… starts sucking on a lollipop.


What? Why? This was how I felt for a good portion of this show. I think Majestic Prince might have been trying to be funny, but it wasn’t. At all.

The mecha battles aren’t particularly interesting either: just magic bullet and missile spamming to defeat an unbeatable horde of aliens. Why should I care about these kids?


It doesn’t help that their faces are some of the most butt-ugly things I’ve ever laid eyes on.

5 thoughts on “Majestic Prince — First Impressions

  1. Coolest thing in this episode (at least for me) is when the gunner robot activated its gun (the entire right arm) and shifts its head over for better aim. Though moving a head won’t do anything for a machine with digital sensors, it is the first time I’ve seen this concept.

    1. Agreed that it is a cool detail!

      Though moving a head won’t do anything for a machine with digital sensors

      Not necessarily, depends on the sensors. I’ve actually worked with humanoid robots that have a camera in the head with a very limited field of view. Part of my research, which I’ve written several papers about, involves selecting what objects to turn the head to look at to simultaneously localize and model the world.

      1. I was thinking the sensors would be imbedded into the weapon originally, and the head of the robot is more of an ornament since most animes have the pilot in the chest or lower torso region (points to Zone of the Enders) anyways. Because the humanoid robots in this show are pretty massive and advance, there should be ample space to place a sufficient number of sensors throughout the machine. Never understood why most pilots of these things go blind when the head is decapitated.

        1. Yeah, they should put sensors everywhere. Definitely don’t put them all in the head. Actually, why do the robots even have a head in the first place? More importantly, why do the robots have legs? Legs aren’t going to help you in outer space. I’ve always thought giant humanoid mechas are stupid.

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