Hataraku Maou-Sama — First Impressions


The demon king and his underling get sucked into the human world. He gets a part time job in fast food.

Yes, this premise has been done to death before. But I thought this episode was great.


Part of what made it so enjoyable is how it continues treating the human world with all the tension and dramatic music of when the kingdom was being overrun by the forces of good. For example, the demon king enters the realty agency and talks to the landlady like he’s entering the final battle. Jokes are funnier if you deliver them seriously.

The other thing that made this show funnier than others with similar concepts is that the demon king and his sidekick didn’t understand Japanese. This allows for more believable miscommunication and jokes like the Katsu Dum.

Of the shows I’ve seen so far, this is what I’m currently looking forward to most. I usually try to avoid blogging comedies though…

10 thoughts on “Hataraku Maou-Sama — First Impressions

  1. I loved this first episode! Things went from omg this is so badass too hilarious really fast and it worked really well for me and I totally called it the end when the redhead walked up to Maou at the end? I was like WAIT IS SHE? LOLOLOL She is the Hero! I KNEW IT! That was great~

  2. could have been a good, dark anime with a lot of corruption, brainwashing, betrayal fraud and other suff like this but it become a comedy show. nonetheless i’ll keep watching for some more episodes and will look what happens

  3. Isn’t “Yuusha” usually a guy? I totally didn’t see that coming too! I thought she’s a succubi or some subordinate of him. This is certainly a good comedy. From next episode preview, it seems that the hero is going to lodge in their room, to keep an eye for them, I presume. Ain’t that great, huh? Can’t wait for next episode. LOL.

    1. Yup should be fun. I’m interested in seeing how they’ll continue to keep things fresh once the demon king has already become a part time worker.

  4. The manga is the same thing as the anime, and dear god it goes through a lot of twists. It’s actually my favorite new manga/anime of 2013 and keeps on getting better. They don’t beat the dead horse by making more slice-of-life jokes and becomes deep (surprisingly). In 6 chapters, there is actually a lot of character development and emotional drama, and I hope the anime takes advantage of this to the fullest.

    1. Nice. Based on the poll results so far it looks like I’ll be blogging this, so good to hear it isn’t all about the jokes. I can’t blog comedies.

  5. I finally started watching this and it’s quite enjoyable, indeed. Good point w/ the music! I think it reflects that Maou and his underling are thrown into our world so suddenly and still pumped up battles in their own world.
    Maou is surprisingly clever. Emilia on the other hand is quite a cute tsundere, in particular in ep. 2 when she tries to first threaten and then beg Maou to open his door (b/c she’s feeling lonely).
    Nothing special but everything fits well – i’ll certainly follow this!

    1. Yeah, Maou is pretty clever, but at the same time, in other ways, is a complete idiot. Emilia is adorable. She’s actually making me like tsunderes again.

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