Karneval — First Impressions


This season’s BL fodder.

You may know that I’m not much for BL, but this was pretty good. There’s something for everybody, even if you don’t like BL. There’s some sort of mystery going on with the main character’s identity and past. There’s some solid fights and action scenes. And then there’s the fact that this country’s defense agency is made up of ninja clowns named “Circus”. It’s brilliant.


The direction is tight, and doesn’t give you a moment to feel bored. One minute we’re fighting off a zombie spider woman thing, the next we’re stopping a train robbery, and then an old man is making out with his doctor. I’m genuinely looking forward to more of this.

9 thoughts on “Karneval — First Impressions

  1. Nice first episode…even though they cut a bit here and there…about the BL tone, it’s not quite apparent really…even in the manga

    By the way draggle, will you blog the latest arc of hunterxhunter, the one after this…the chimera arc I’m sure it will be to your liking

    1. Yeah, the BL wasn’t all that heavy handed. And I don’t mind a little bit of that either.

      I doubt I will blog the next arc of Hunter x Hunter. Usually I try to blog shows from start to finish, and Hunter X Hunter is way too long to keep my interest. I might do a random individual post or two if it strikes my interest though.

  2. “…and then an old man is making out with his doctor.” <— This.

    I don't feel any BL tone with its first episode though. Well, if you're not going to include the one above 🙂

    1. It wasn’t very heavy-handed. I can definitely see the white haired kid and the thief becoming an item though.

      1. I’m pretty sure this show is listed as shoujo, not shounen ai/yaoi, so it might end up being like K – pretty boys who seem like they’re probably gay who aren’t actually gay.

        It didn’t really give off much of a BL vibe in my opinion, and I’ve seen/read a lot of BL.

        1. Ah, interesting. That scene with the doctor was screaming BL to me, but the BL vibes weren’t too heavy in the rest of it.

          Also are you sure they aren’t gay in K? I feel like you need to strengthen your yaoi goggles 🙂

          1. I totally see what you mean, and to be fair those two characters could be gay without the whole show actually being BL (even if it’s unlikely). I guess we’ll have to wait and find out.

            Well, I actually dropped K, so maybe they all started making out in later episodes but from what I saw it was all just fan service.

          2. They didn’t actually start making out on screen but it sure was easy to imagine what they were doing backstage…

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