Draggle Invades Europe de geso~~~

I bought tickets to go to Europe next Friday. This has nothing at all to do with anime, aside from the fact that I will not be keeping up with current shows for a couple weeks while I’m gone.

I’m starting in Zurich and ending in Stockholm two weeks later (I have friends in both cities). But I have no idea where I’m going to go in between! This is pretty exciting, since I can go anywhere and do anything I want.

So: where should I go? I’m going to be taking the train. My rough plan is I’ll pass through Prague, Berlin and Copenhagen on the way to Stockholm. My friend from Stockholm may meet me in Berlin. But any of this could be changed.

To all my European readers, I’d be happy to meet with you if you live somewhere along the way. So convince me to come where you live! Or if anyone has experience travelling in this area, tell me what I should go see! Thanks in advance.

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