Egao no Daika Review — C-

Two girls fight to end war.

I wanted to like this. It has this cool setup where you see the war from the eyes of two girls on opposite sides and opposite roles. It wasn’t afraid to kill off major characters and change the plot direction.

But… the direction they chose to go in was just stupid. There were so many cool things they could have done with the main characters! They could have pulled a prince and pauper.  They could have held the princess captive and then betrayed the country for her. They could have fallen in love and gotten married. I don’t know. Probably anything would have been better than what they did do, which is have them meet in the last five episodes of the final episodes and become friends and destroy all the weapons to end the war together.

Also, come on, if they disable all the mecha, they’re still going to fight the war with their swords. We already saw how committed everyone except the princess is to the war.

The setting also does not give the feeling it is very fleshed out. Why do these two countries even exist? They don’t seem to have much to tie their people together. From what I gather the princess recruits soldiers to her army by holding idol concerts. And why are they even fighting this stupid war in the first place?

In summary, a disappointing lack of fulfillment for the many lesbian innuendos, which is the only reason I bothered watching this in the first place.

  • Storytelling – C – What a waste of an ending (and most of the story).
  • Voice – C – Generic mecha! Knights vs. ninja war!
  • Characters – B – The better part but Jesus the princess was fucking obnoxious.
  • Attention Grab – D – Boring. I actually dropped it in the first episode before being convinced to continue.
  • Production – C – It looks fine, I guess.
  • Overall – C-

RecommendationsAldnoah Zero, Gundam 00

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